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    About Religious And Caste

    Love is everything which makes you to behave in proper manner(Attitude).
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    Love is very important for everyone without love nobody can live happily. Love is something which gives a strength. Love is a something can hold forever. Love is something which you cannot express in. Words and cannot shows to others. Love is about our beloved. Our close ones.
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    Vicky warm welcome to this site as new member and I can understand your interest to share some information here. But this forum should be used effectively so that every one understands what you want to express and also participate in the discussions. And give some more detailed description so that it would be easy to respond and that would make your great presence in the site. Please go through the posting guidelines and also how the members are responding and answering. Any doubts , please write in this page so that everything can be clarified. Please proceed with confidence.
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    The heading & the matter doesn't contribute to the understanding of the overall meaning which the author intends to convey & so I request the author to brief the idea so as to be clearly understood by others. This is to ensure the proper replies to the thread by the members.

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    What do we know about love?

    Is it the physical attraction; is it the compromises one makes for the dear ones; is it to sacrifice oneself for the family; is it the patriotism for the nation or is it to be ready to fight or die for someone?

    What is love? Is love just a feeling or something concrete? Is love eternal or is just an infatuation lasting little longer?

    Can we define love or is it something one can only experience and cannot be put into words? If Love is God, then they both are a mystery to us.

    Love is something which comes into existence, when the "I" cease to exist.

    "If you want to make real progress, you must give up all ideas of personal attainment".

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    I haven't understood the issue which the author wants to discuss. Does he want to discuss love or does he want to discuss attitude? He must make himself clear. The one-liner won't do.
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    Dear Newbie,
    The thread title and the message doesn't match at all. What is your interest. Is it love?, Is it attitude? Is it religion? Is it caste? What is your good interest to discuss in this lovely ISC forum? As a Newbie, just watch the ongoing discussions and understand it clearly before you attempt to post anything for discussion. Express your thoughts clearly in clear terms. Also go through the ISC guidelines and FAQs. We ISCians would help you to get tuned to the ISC working.

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