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    What exactly is post-truth?

    I have been hearing this term since the last American Presidential election. Before the election, American liberals and Democrats predicted that Hilary Clinton would win the election hands down. American feminists also stated that considering the track-record of Trump, the American ladies would vote for Ms. Clinton and according to them, there was no chance of Trump winning the election. Indian liberals, seculars and feminists were also firmly of the same view.

    The election was held and Trump won comfortably. People clearly understood that these liberals and feminists have no contact with the grassroots level. Indians already understood this about Indian liberals and feminists after the 2014 election in India.

    It is clear that these liberal intellectuals are losing ground everywhere in the world including India. Nobody bothers about their scholarly opinion. So, these liberals have been trying to bring this concept of 'post-truth'. It broadly signifies a political culture in which debate is framed largely by appeals to emotion disconnected from the details of policy. They mean to say that voters are 'emotional fools' because they voted for Trump in the USA and for Modi in India (ignoring their advice).

    I would like to know whether this interpretation of liberals is correct, or not. Are the voters all over the world voting emotionally, or, are they considering all pros and cons? On the other hand, aren't the intellectuals giving their opinion from their narrow ideological points of view, without considering the realities?
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    The voters are never foolish. They never vote emotionally. They have their opinions formed. But they never express the thoughts openly. Same is the case in America as well as India. So I have no hesitation in saying that the interpretation of the liberals is not correct. They don't have the contacts with the grassroots level in the society. They make their opinions based on their thinking and speak as if they have the information about the opinions of people. I agree with the author in his statement that these so-called liberals are giving their opinions from their narrow ideological point of views.
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    The election is a complex process everywhere and all the time exit polls do not tally with the original results. There are emotions attached to polling for a certain section of public and all political parties try to woo that section. For example, in India caste based politics play some role in the election results and the tactics of all the political parties need not be elaborated.

    As for liberals, they are more prone to the social impressions of a leader rather than viewing them on the developmental front. For Trump, it was all personal level allegations that liberals tried to project prior to elections and for Modi, it was the 'communal' tag of BJP and Godhra riots. Modi's developmental work in Gujarat was never highlighted by them but people voted for him because of his developmental work. Generally people do not care much about what these so-called liberals are saying rather get swayed by the convincing marketing strategies by the political parties. I used the term marketing strategy, because it has become a trend nowadays to project their agendas in a smarter way to reach more people.


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    Like in India in America too the elections are the challenging process for the candidates. But for the people they have a pre decided notion against a party and that would happen. Unlike in India, the US elections are for four years which is a very short and good term as the voters need not wait for five long years. And in four years the promises and the fulfillment would be thoroughly weighed and then the voters would decide whether to vote for second term or not. And what I like most is the coining out nice slogans for every elections and that be the part of winning spree for the party.
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    But Mr. Mohan. here the issue is the concept of post-truth, with the help of which the liberals try to justify their viewpoints and inaccurate predictions.
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    I would like to know the opinion of other Members on this new term with the help of which, Indian intelligentsia try to justify their wrong predictions in elections.
    "If you are killed in action, you go to Heaven. If you win, you rule this Earth (as beautiful as Heaven). That is why, O son of Kunti, take a firm resolve and fight!"-- Shrimad Bhagwad Gita

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