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    Requesting ISC to pl. clear the below articles,

    Requesting ISC to pl. clear the below articles,

    The reservation system as it is. Is it really necessary?

    "Secularism" as a political tool for winning elections.

    Acceptance among politicians for favoring illegal immigrants in the Indian soil & the consequences.

    The promotional calls & your readiness to its acceptance or to its rejection.
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    Ved Prakash Anand,

    Please be patient. The articles are reviewed by editors as per a queue. They cannot be checked out of the queue unless they are important current articles related to admissions, results or specifically assigned articles by the Webmasters. There may be delays when editors are on leave due to personal reasons.

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    Mr. Anand: Please check the first pending article mentioned above. When I clicked it, I find it is totally blank. Except the heading, there is nothing in the body of the article. Please check.
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    The same is the case with the other three also. When we click on the link the concerned page is opening but there is no matter in the article. It is only an empty template. All the four are all like that only. What is the reason I don't know? I advise the author to check once.
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