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    How come some small children wont have any stage fear and give responses within seconds ?

    I always get jealous over some really gifted small children of these days who does not have any stage fear and behave very normally even with the chief guest of high order and they answer any critical or difficult questions with ease and thus bringing laughter and applause from every one. During our childhood days, we does not have the opportunity to interact, had the big platforms to express our innovative ideas, nor there there were considerable people to appreciate our childish behavior. What is your say on this ?
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    It is true that these days children exposed to the society more than earlier days. When we see small children making a very good performance on the TV stage shows gives a feeling that they can go to any heights. Basically, it is the training that is provided to them by their parents and teachers for excelling in their performance. Secondly, they will be watching many programmes on TV where they will have the advantage of observing various kids performing which will give them a confidence that they can also perform well.
    During my school days, school annual day was being performed. Once or twice I have participated and I received gifts from the chief guest for the performance. My uncle(Father's brother) used to train me for these shows. Like that, some mentor will be there and once you are on the stage you will forget everything except doing your job there.

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    The kids are getting smarter nowadays. Since childhood, they are getting enough exposure to different avenues and seeing children of their age in interactive competitions on televisions. Everybody learns from following others and these children are constantly watching others to perform and also getting enough opportunity to interact socially.

    Earlier, reality shows were not there, nor was the Youtube or internet and in most of the cases the television shows were routine ones. Now there are a variety of reality shows and the children gets encouragement from their parents who feel inspired by these shows. Anybody can participate in competitions nowadays and show their skills to others. Children nowadays watch different videos on Youtube and learn a lot from these presentations. I feel this constant watching and practising those acts have a cascading effect on the children which is the result of this flawless act of interaction.


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