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    Is it right to ask like this while meeting

    It is a practice that is being followed by many. If a Tamil meets another Tamil, they would first ask - "Hello, Vanakkam, Soukiyama, Eppadi irukkeenga"( Hello, Are you well, How are you?). If a Hindi speaking person meets another person, he would first ask - Hello, Namaste, Kya, Aap teek hai, Kaise ho? (Hello, Are you well, How are you?). If a Malayali meets- "Entha, sugam thanne?. If a Telugu meets - Enti, Bahunnara, Ekkada unnaaru? (All means - Are you well)

    Many people may not like this sort of asking while meeting. They would respond differently.

    Is it right to ask like this while meeting? Do you also follow the same? Or do you ask differently?
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    Surprisingly this is the most common form of greeting around the world in all languages.
    Wie gehts (how's it going) in German and Como estas in Spanish are few more examples. But one language is very different.
    Japanese. "Yoroshiku onegaishimasu" means "please be kind to me". That is really nice. It's like submitting yourself to the opposite person and works well for the first time conversation. But still the same phrase can be extended as "pleased to meet you".

    Interesting right?

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    It is natural to talk in the mother tongue and it is natural to say hallow and enquiring about the wellness of the other person. Even when we make a phone call about some official work also it is natural to inquire about the wellness of the other person. But if somebody comes while the meeting is going and asking like this is not correct. But before the meeting enquiring is Ok, I feel. Coming and without saying hallow directly going into the details is also not a good practice.
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