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    People are aware of the happenings all around but feel helpless. Why this malaise?

    For the past few months, there is a chaos everywhere. Be it political or social, the news items circulated everyday is very upsetting. There is mob lynching, series of horrific incidents of child sexual abuse at shelter homes, relentless protests by different castes for reservations in different government sectors and so on. The political parties are leaving no stone unturned to capitalize on these issues and doing their best possible tactics to increase attention.

    The general public is becoming confused day by day following these incidents and venting their anger on different social platforms. In a huge country like India corruption is there, crime is also there but it seems it is compounding at recent times. One thing is very clear from these incidents and that is stringent punishment is not meted out to the offenders since in most of the cases political clout is there and all law enforcing agencies act like stooges at the hands of these unscrupulous politicians. We all are aware of that, but we cannot do anything. How to come out of this social malaise, any guess?
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    You are absolutely right. We're all 130 crore helpless souls. To think that we can do something for society in itself is very appreciable. That is a very noble thought.
    But we have limitations. Not all crimes can be successfully neutralized. Unhappiness brings all sorts of crimes to surface. The main goal must be to keep the citizens content. If that is achieved, no one would have their evil desires awaken. Most evil doers do it in a spur of the moment, unintentionally. So if you can keep the citizens fulfilled, the crime rates would fall.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    The author's observations are very correct. For all these crimes, I blame the politicians. When a person has done a crime he should be punished immediately. But in India, the police will take their own time to enquire and arrest the culprit. In between, they will get influenced by the politicians and they will change the entire situation and the real culprit will escape. Even they present the culprit to court, they will see that the case will get dismissed. So in India, there is no fear for a criminal. A good and innocent man only under fear thinking that he is the most vulnerable person in the country. He will be always under threat and fear.
    But unfortunately, in India, no common man will go against the politicians even though he knows that they are the people responsible for all these mishappenings. Every man will have his own family res[onsibilities and aspirations. They will be busy pursuing those issues.

    always confident

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    We the people are ordinary persons without power and habituated to watch the things happening from the gallery and those who have the rights to control the atrocities and crime are taking shelter under the guise of already framed rule and pushing the buck to one agency or the other. Yesterday I was watching the video of Kawarias getting annoyed over a car mowing down one of their associates and thus their anger had no limits. They vandalized the car, damaged it and even turned turtle and all these were happening in front of the police. Of course the police were few and the Kawarias were more. But again in these days mobile police parties are making rounds and the Kawarias outrage could have been contained forthwith. All the damage has been done, and the Police is being targeted for not taking action. Just imagine the situation of orders from higher ups ?
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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