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    Is there any improvement in Indian railway performance?

    Indian railways are one of the biggest Organisations which is running the trains all over the country. It is a general feeling that these days there is some improvement in the performance of this Organisation. But CAG in its report criticised the Railways saying that except improvement in the cleanliness of the stations and appearance of the stations, there is no improvement in its performance. No improvement in rail timings and punctuality, the report says. The number of trains is getting increased but the railway stations and other required facilities are not being improved accordingly. I also personally feel railways are making money by taxing the people without their knowledge but accordingly the amenities are not being improved.
    I like to know the opinions of the members on this issue.
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    There is some little improvement on the front of cleanliness, food and customer friendly SMS etc but there is a lot of scope for further improvement.

    As Railways is in Govt sector it is definitely bogged down by the inherent deficiencies for which Govt sector is already defamed and criticized.

    May be the true solution lies in complete privatisation of this service but the main question arising therein will be how to contain the railway fares in that set up.

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    As a former employee of the Operating Department of Eastern Railway, I am humbly submitting my different view. Whenever a politician becomes a new Railway Minister, he/she increases the number of trains in his/her area/constituency/state. These politicians don't have the capability to understand that without increasing track capacity by laying additional lines, increasing the number of trains would aggravate the problem. So, the railways must convert single-line to double-line, double-line to quadruple-line and quadruple line to eight-line track. But the politicians want to quick-fix solution and readymade votes.

    If this attitude doesn't change, the condition is bound to deteriorate. Fortunately, we have a very dynamic railway minister at the helm. I positively expect something very positive from Mr. Piyush Goyal. He has already started work in proper direction.

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    Are there any quadruple-line tracks in India? I always see only double-line tracks in India. If quadruple-line tracks are present, is overtaking of trains taking place while both trains are running? This I am asking out of curiosity.

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    There are some quadruple lines in busy routes. For example, between Howrah to Barddhaman, there are six lines. Same is true from Bombay VT to Kalyan via Ghatkopar.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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