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    Friendship memories will be lost forever

    (The element in this story is happy go lucky and the gift is a T-shirt)

    I was on my way to the airport to catch my flight to the capital city of the country. It was very early morning and the roads were vacant and silent. As there was no traffic on the road my driver was in a hurry to drop me at the airport so that he will get rest for the whole day. Just I was going through the WhatsApp messages I received the day before on the occasion of friendship day.
    Slowly I went into my old memories. I remembered my university days during which I was working for my doctorate. I was residing in a small portion of a big house in that city. In the next portion, my friend Sreeram was staying. He was a research scholar in the Botany department. We both were from an almost similar family background. He was staying with his mother. I was staying with my brothers and sisters.

    During those days we were very close and doing all the household works together. We used to go for purchases together and we used to go to market together. We used to go to the movies together. We used to spend time very happily. Sreeram's mother was a very old lady, somehow managing the work and she used to teach us how to be happy with whatever we have.

    On my birthday I went to take her blessings, she asked me about my new dress. That year due to some work related hurries I couldn't manage a dress. She told me that we should not avoid wearing a new dress on our birthday and she told that we should be as happier as possible on that day so that we will be very lucky the entire year. At that age also she was never forgetting celebrating her birthday. In the next one hour, my friend brought me a beautiful T-shirt as a gift for the birthday.

    We were together for about 7 years there and we have become very close. After 7 years he went for a job away from that place. But I never stopped purchasing a dress for my birthday till this year. Those days there were no emails and smartphones and hence we lost touch.
    All of sudden I came to present by hearing the voice of my driver saying that we were in the airport. I completed my programme in Delhi and I was back to the airport the next day morning to travel back to my place. I was in the boarding queue and from behind somebody was calling me by name. I turned back and to my surprise, he was my friend Sreeram about whom I was thinking the day before.

    We sat together on the flight and we recollected those days and our friends. Now both of us are having smartphones and emails. So we are in touch with each other.

    This is my entry for the contest
    A Friendship Day contest
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    Good friends are friends for ever and there cannot be parting even though the job or other reasons separate them from meeting personally. Good story from author.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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