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    Do you get the food items for the price as listed in the Railway Time Table?

    As per the Railway time table "Trains at a Glance"(page 306) published by the Indian Railways in 2018 gives the details of menu for standard breakfast and standard meals. In that, the Standard tea (150ml) costs only Rs. 5/- Tea with tea bag(150 ml) and coffee with coffee powder(150 ml) costs only Rs.7/-. ( The tariff includes GST).

    Have you ever got the Railway Tea and Coffee for Rs. 5/- and 7/- respectively in any railway station or in any train during your train journey? Have you ever tried to report the abnormal charges by the Railway catering staff?
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    What I feel that rates mentioned in the time table and the rates what we actually pay does not compare or commensurate with the quantity or the quality of the items we get. Most of the vendors are not Railway employee as many trains are not stopping in many stations, Railways probably allowed the private persons to serve the beverages and they charge as per their will. There is nothing less than 10 rupee for coffee or tea and regarding snack, the rates are 20 for two pieces of wada or samosa. I have seen many trains are stopping at un-designated stations, and the locals who prepare food enter the bogies and sell their items and even the TT wont questions them. Just imagine if any food poising items are sold, who would be held responsible. Railways need to strengthen the catering section and every train should have its own pantry and outside foods should not be allowed to be solved. Over to Railway Ministry please.
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    No. We are not getting the materials anytime these days at the mentioned rates. Generally, we get coffee and tea for Rs.10/- one cup. I have purchased them at this rate only in many places. Even railway canteen persons are also selling them at the same rate. Nowhere we are getting tea for five rupees and coffee for seven rupees. The quality of the items is also not good and the quantity is less than what it should be. But no one bothers about it. This is because even outside the railway stations also the prices are never Rs.5/- for Tea and Rs.7/- for coffee.
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    I have not had coffee for less than 10 rupees on trains. This inflated rate happens in many apsects of our service and most of us turn a blind eye.

    Who has the time and energy to question for Rs3 or Rs5/- with the risk of be verbally abused or intimidated? The answer would be very few. The same happens with the public washrooms, parking places, park entries, temple shoe stands etc. Many times in the buses commuters do not get small change because the conductor simply doesn't have it.

    It is a form of corruption where in the individual amount looks small but if you sum up the money overcharged/per day/state or entire country, it will be a sizable amount.

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