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    Is it a natural phenomenon to follow routines?

    Not everybody leads a disciplined life, but everyone follows a routine. Be it at school, office, home, in a party or public gathering and everywhere. During holidays also we follow certain plans, set earlier, like meeting friends, going to movies, dinner with family and so on. This routine is basically execution of plans that is made earlier and we follow a particular routine on a daily basis.

    At times we feel bored of doing these things repeatedly on a regular basis and we take a break from our monotonous life. For example, we go to places on a holiday and spend some quality time with friends or family. I have seen many people follow the same routine while holidaying also. Suppose one has the habit of waking up early in the morning, then having tea and reading the newspaper. After that she/he will take bath and go to office. In the evening that person will watch a specific show on television. For these types of people, while holidaying also the same thing is repeated without a break and only going to work is replaced by going to different places. I find these things somewhat unusual and would like to know whether it's a natural phenomenon to follow routines. What do the members say?
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    There is nothing wrong to follow the routine even on holidays or out during vacation. In fact it is the good habit to continue the routine , otherwise the daily schedule gets disturbed once the routine is changed. For me I have the habit of waking up at 4 am either on working day or holiday. I cannot change my routine else it gets disturbed in future. Even when I travel by train , when others as asleep, I wake up, have the brush, freshen myself and even look for early morning hot coffee at any station. Many people criticize me for this routine, but my work gets happen without hampering.
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    Humans like playing safe basically. Diverging from routine is not a good idea if you want to maintain an individuality. Think about it. You are doing different things every moment as opposed to yesterday. The way you look at things and do will automatically change. To be short, if you cross out the routine, you won't be the same person.
    That being said, occasional breaks from routine are must. Else we will never try something new and learn. I for an example will always get up before or sharp at 6 am every day. Holiday or not, that is when I get up.
    Body becomes hardwired to routine. So physically to cross out routine is not easy. But I can definitely change by routine voluntary habits.

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    This is better to follow routines in certain aspects so that we will have a good discipline. Whether it is a holiday or a working day getting up early in the morning is always a good practice. Having an early bath and offering our prayers to the God is also a good habit. It will keep our mind in peace and we can think in a better way and focus on the work. It is like doing meditation. Then having food as per a schedule daily is also important. Irregular eating habits will pose a health risk.
    Keeping this routine in order we can have different practices. Eat daily at the same time but for a change, you can go out for eating once in a while. Daily wearing the same type of dress in between for a change you can have a different type of dressing. Instead of every day watching TV for a change once in a while you can go to a movie. Like this, without deviating from our routines we can also have a change which will make us refresh once in a while.

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    Animals and human beings are creatures of habit. It is the comfort, satisfication quotent and persumed safety they find in a repetitive but experienced pathway for anything.

    I think, it's ingrained into us and this becomes very useful for criminals targeting a person or family household and vice versa wherein the police predict and anticipate a known behavior daily pattern while hunting for a well known accused.

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    I am of the opinion that one follows a routine only if one can. For a person who has a nine to five job or for a school or college going student, following a routine is possible and is also necessary. And in doing so, they become habituated to the routine and a deviation can make them feel uncomfortable or unsettled. But what about those who cannot follow a specific routine? Take the example of people who work as security guards whose duty times keep changing or for business people who may have to keep travelling or those working in factories or the IT sector etc. They may like to follow a routine but their duty timings or responsibilities do not allow them to do so. It is the same case with retired or elderly persons who generally do not follow a set routine due to different reasons like health etc. That is why I said that a person either follows a routine only because he can or does it out of compulsion.

    Anything can become our habit if we follow it for a long time and the same is the case with routine too. So, do follow a routine but be ready to accept changes as it comes because otherwise, life can become too monotonous. Have a break on Sundays or holidays by getting up a bit late, having a brunch, taking an afternoon nap, and enjoying your evenings the way you like but do get to bed early because the next morning you will have to start following your routine again.

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