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    A memorable friendship day

    Characteristic - Kavya -happy go lucky & Kadhir Straight forward; Gift: Travel bag

    Kavya was busy packing lunch for her husband and kid. She heard notification beeps from her mobile. She ignored as usual and continued with her household chores. After she sat back to relax, she laid hold of her mobile. Immediately her face got brighter and eyes twinkled with surprise. It was a mail from Kadhir with some invitation attached to it.

    Kavya immediately checked the sent list to know whether it is a group invite or independent invite. As expected, it was a group invite. Kavya gave a sigh, "Oh Kadhir, you are still the same"

    Kadhir and Kavya were college friends. Their roll number were next to each other in sequence. So, they spent lab hours together. Their crazy friends made fun of them for the same. Happy go lucky Kavya did not take it serious, but Kadhir being straight forward and well matured to his age, did not want to encourage such talks. He directly confessed his thoughts to his classmates and Kavya. Kavya initially did not understand the reason, later Kadhir himself explained her, "Listen Kavya, it is not that we are scared of our classmates, but we should maintain our self respects and also uplift the friendship"

    Kavya just lifted her eyebrows and said "As you wish". Class gossiped but not dared to do it in front of them. Kavya wondered at his behavior and thought he was very sensitive. After a year, seeing other sensual talks on other students made her realize how thoughtful Kadhir was and felt grateful for being his friend.

    Kavya once asked, "Shall I tie Rakhi to you to stop gossips". Kadhir replied, "not necessary, but I tie you friendship band on friendship day, because I am proud saying that we are friends". Kavya exclaimed at what he said. She also remembered that he did what he said. He only organized events on friendship day and made the day fun filled and memorable in college days.

    Just his name brought so many more memories to her. She clicked to open the attachment.
    Surprise extended. He has invited them for a Goodbye party. Kavya was aware that he was longing for an onsite opportunity and glad that he accomplished it. She gave a bright smile at the screen after seeing the party date. She understood, it is not just going to be a goodbye party also a friendship party, because he was purposely chosen the friendship day to give the goodbye note. "Never goodbye - It's see you later".

    Kavya initially felt he was selfish and thinks more of self respect, but she understood he values friendship and his version of friendship is different. He stay aware to lift up the friendship and never want it to be degraded by anything. On the day of his party, to a respectable friend, she joined other friends and in group they gifted him a travel bag. Kadhir made it as an another memorable friendship day.

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    Nice story from the author giving credence to friendship band than to Rakhi and that made a interesting reading and understanding. My appreciation for thinking differently.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    Thank you for your appreciations sir. I am glad that you got the catch of the story in a flash.
    Sri Vetri
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    A very good but different friendship story between two mature friends. I liked the story.
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    Sri Vetri
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    A good story. The difference between the Friendship band and Rakhi is brought out very nicely. The author narrated the story well. A good attempt by the author in a different way.
    always confident

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    A very good write-up. It contains messages of true friendship, respect and trust. The goodbye note of a true friendship says it all - "Never goodbye- It's see you later".

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    A very nice friendship story. Well said how a mail from a friend can light up the day and memories in front of eyes. Also, highlighted the choice of date on friendship day for reunion, made their day more special. I believe that Kadhir's thought on self respect and straight forward speech made the friendship to grow stronger and longer. A short story with deep meaning.

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