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    Free pizza distribution to army by veteran groups in Ukraine

    Yesterday, I was reading a news item about free distribution of pizza to army persons by some veteran groups in eastern Ukraine where a fight is going in between Ukraine army and separatist groups supported by Russia.

    I was really impressed by the courage of these veteran groups who are going with pizzas in those situations where suddenly gun shooting can start.

    It is really a great gesture by them to their army men.

    What do you think about their such concern for the army men?
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    These are Army veterans. It is in their DNA, so to say, to stand up and support their own. There is a certain brotherhood in the Armed Forces that cannot be found elsewhere.

    And courage is an Armed Forces personnel's middle name. So what they are doing does not amaze me. They are just venturing into familiar territory, doing their bit for their brothers.

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    Really moved with the services rendered by Army Veterans for the Ukarine Army who are fighting with the separatists, By the way being in the Army in the past, they know the intricacies of fighting and would cautious enough with their movement at the battle area. But again being veteran their body should also cooperate in case of emergency during their Pizza distribution. Nevertheless such brave hearts are always supported by the Military personnel and their vehicles to create safe movements for the veterans.
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    It is really a great gesture by the Army Veterans of Ukraine. They may be from the Army. But they are not in service now. Nobody will question them also if they are not going. But they have ventured. This is to express their support to the Army who are fighting for the country. Really we should appreciate their act of kindness towards the armed forces. Supplying food to the fighting army men by going there personally gives a good confidence to the army as they think that people are with them and they are appreciating their services. Very happy to know this.
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