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    How about utilizing services of Sachin Tendulkar in dealing with Pakistan?

    Now that Imran Khan is the political hero of Pakistan, even with a huge military support, would it not be in the fitness of things, if we involve our own superstar of Cricket in Pakistan foreign affairs? In the sense, if given some responsibility, will not Sachin Tendulkar, who is still considered a demi God by fans round the world, including in Pakistan, be able to bring about some transformation, through diplomacy?

    Or even involve the legandary Kapil Dev and Sachin Tendulkar as a team?

    What do members think of this suggestion? Can we adopt this strategy to at least bring some peace across the border, if not solve the Kashmir problem?
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    Maybe a good option. Imran Khan, Kapil Dev and Sachin are good friends. So approaching politically through them may be a good idea. NTR, when he was the CM, made a commitment to give water to Chennai through Telugu Ganga project as a gratitude as he stayed in Madras and earned a name as a good actor.
    Similarly, Imran Khan had many fans from India for his cricketing skills. He got a very good name and fame and for this, the majority contribution is from Indians. So he may have some gratitude towards India. Added to this if India takes an initiative and use the cricketers for diplomatic works it may result in a better way.
    But whether the country and the military will allow him to work as per his wish and if they are not interested in going ahead in this issue even Sachin and Kapil may not be able to do anything better.

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    A good thought from the author. Diamond cuts the diamond. A cricketer can under stand the other cricketer. To achieve this, we need to make Sachin the PM of India. Both PMs can sit together over a cup of tea in a common place and discuss Kashmir issue and find a solution. But how to go about in making Sachin the PM of India?
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    This is good wish but one can not take individual decision in billion population country. Sachin was always silent in game and always played with heart not hatred. Question is why we have to send him , why can't their PM visit India for talk. For Pakistan and India relationship is different talk and it is not issue of people of country but sentiments of military as well. So you see there is no resolution until our soldiers are safe.
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    After reading this post, I split into laughter many a time. I really admire Sachin as a great cricketer but as a politician he has proven big zero. He never attended the Parliament session and that made him the laughing stock in the minds of other politicians as he is fit for nothing. So what I mean to say that Sachin does not have the maturity or the diplomacy to deal with Imran Khan on Pakistan issues and surely he shall become katputli in the hands of Pakistan cricketer cum politician. However if India wants to take the services, Kapil Dev is the best bet to put forth India's feeling across.
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    Sachin Tendulkar used to deal with a cricket ball with his bat during his heydays. How can he deal with those maniacal people hell-bent upon destroying their own country?
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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