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    Can we bury biomedical waste?

    A huge concern is disposal of biomedical waste. At the moment, incineration is supposed to happen. One is not very sure if this is happening. We often see such waste dumped along with other waste.

    Can we bury such waste? Will such waste decompose and can that be ever used for any purpose? Members who know the scientific background of biomedical waste may please give their views. If there is already some good experiment going on, please do give details, so that one can at least convince a few hospitals to understand such practices and adopt them, to the extent possible.

    What really happens in the advanced countries? How do they deal with this problem?
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    The landfill is one of the waste disposal techniques. But it can't be just filled like that. There will be some common solid waste treatment plants which will have the licence to receive the waste from various generators and destroy them as per the approved methods. In those methods landfill is a method. They have to arrange pits underground. All sides are to be concerted so that no seepage will take place from these materials into the earth. They should also have a proper cover so that water will not go into the pit from the surface. They should be monitored and maintained by qualified people. In those landfills, they may allocate a separate pit for this biomedical waste also. But incineration in the incinerators properly designed with a chimney up to the required height is to be used. Open burning is never acceptable for this burning. The handling of this waste should be done by taking all required precautions by the operator. Otherwise, the operators will get affected.
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