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    Testing times in one's friendship.

    Vikas, a rich but honest good hearted guy and Sunil, a happy go lucky guy are childhood friends from a coastal town in India. Sunil comes for a poor family and has lost his father. The story characteristic is 'Honesty' and the gift is a 'Food on wheels'(a food truck).


    It was just the last week of January, yet the weather was warm and humid. But this was the least of the worries for Vikas, residing in a booming coastal South Indian Town. He was pre-occupied with a problem(unexpected love) that landed in his lap.

    Both Vikas and Sunil had been together right from their school days. Vikas, coming for a rich family was happy to note his father was quietly funding the college education of Sunil. After their graduation, Sunil moved off to the Gulf to working as a catering manager. He was also an excellent cook. Vikas took over the family business and regularly helped Sunil's mother who was struggling to run her family after the death of her husband.

    Vikas a handsome man with a good heart unknowingly became the center of attraction for Sunil's only sister. Although she was younger to him by more than 10 years, Sunitha developed an interest in Vikas and was making suggestive conversations. Initially, Vikas felt that it was all a joke and ignored but it took a serious turn on Valentine's day when Sunitha proposed to Vikas. Poor Vikas, never had such intentions and he was even more worried about his friend's views and how this to tackle this delicate issue.

    After a long honest discussion with Sunil's mother, she agreed to speak to Sunil about this issue. Vikas flew to the Gulf and met Sunil. He was anxious because, he did not want his friend to have any misunderstanding. After dinner, he asked Sunil to resign his catering job, come back to India because his mother was old and Sunitha had grown-up; Sunil's presence would help the family a lot. Sunil instantly agreed as he was a happy go lucky character. Sunil hugged Vikas saying that he was proud to have a honest friend like him. Vikas assured him that everything was taken care of and returned to India. As honesty was always the key anchor in their long standing friendship, Sunil resigned his Gulf job.

    Vikas woke up early on 5th August as it was friendship day and he had a list of things to do and prayed that all goes well. In the morning he first met Sunitha and her mother at a nearby temple. Vikas explained that having seen her as a child, over the years, he never developed any intentions of love and he reassured her that it was likely an infatuation. He requested her to focus on her studies and to support Sunil in his new job. Sunitha realized her mistake and apologized to him.

    All went to Sunil's house where in a surprise was waiting. Vikas had bought an fully equipped mobile food truck named 'Food on wheels' and gifted it to Sunil. Noticing Vikas's honesty, Sunil's mother had tears in her eyes. Vikas just said, Aunty, that what friends are for and that's what friendship stands for.
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    Some gifts are rare and cannot be forgotten for ever. The way Vikas gave fully equipped food on wheels to Sunil, it shown his real intention of being a friend in deed.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    An excellent story! Is it possible to have such a friend in today's society who is rich and also has a golden heart?
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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