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    What if starts charging for the services?

    Almost many of us are having the account with the owned by the This remained the most commonly used Email system available to us on free of cost & at the same time configured with the advanced features so as to be facilitated with the formatting options . I do remember that earlier the & remained the most used till came into existence.

    My question is whether you would continue to be with these sites even if they start charging for their services?
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    That depends on the necessity of the individual. If it is for your business and you require it for running your business you may pay for it. If it is only for your normal use you may try to create your email address in another site like Yahoo or Rediff mail. Then you will discontinue Gmail. If there are no free email services and the charges are very nominal you may pay for it and retain it. All depends on the individual's attitude and necessity.
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    I do not see a reason for Google to charge for the services it renders. It already earns through ads appearing on our pages and in fact it must give us some loyalty for using our pages and earning. For example while typing this in the box I can see at least four ads appearing on this page. So on our every page Google has been earning and therefore it wont stoop to the level of charging for its services being provided. If that happens, people would go for other alternative of getting information and so on . By the way Indian version of search Engine may be launched sooner or later.
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    There is no information in this regard, I think this free service will continue for many years to come.
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    Then the world simply forsakes Google and will go for other services. Before email there normal mails. Even companies won't opt Google services because it would be unsustainable. Smart phones will have to change their operating systems too because Google is what keeps Android running.
    By this way the world will slowly shun Google if it becomes paid.

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    The email service could become a paid service at some point in time when Google realizes that most of the people cannot live without email. Right now, if they implement Gmail as a paid service, their revenue will get reduced. This is because a lot of people use multiple accounts, and many of them use it as ad-hoc purpose just to subscribe alerts or notifications from some other websites. They will have to turn back to use only a single email account. I do not think so it will happen anytime soon. But I guess Google might start charging for the storage which they are offering for email. Right now, every Gmail user can use up to 15GB of storage free for their email account beyond which they have to purchase and use. This could become a problem for Google as more and more mail accounts are created and a lot of them are used. So, they might start charging for the storage initially if not for the entire email service.

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    Today the online portals are mostly making revenue from the advertisements. There are a few who are giving high end premium services and charging their customers a fee.

    Now, the other services like blogging facility, email, searching, chatting, messaging etc are free and will remain free because as soon as a service provider starts charging, people will switch to the other one. Even if they charge, it will be a very small amount because what plays part here is the volume.

    The recent case of Reliance Jio who has offered minimal charges for data to its customers (on an average about Rs 150 per month for a huge data of 1.5 GB per day with free calls and SMS) has set an example that how we can manage with small charges in a large volume of subscriber.

    So the main thing is the volume and one who is having a big subscriber base can dictate the market.

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    I was once paying Rs. 950 per month unnecessarily to BSNL for its Broadband services. Now I am paying only Rs.133/- per month for JIO services. (Rs. 399/- for 84 days - 1.5 GB per day) Thus my saving is About Rs. 800+ per month. And I meet all my e-mail and ISC requirements satisfactorily.
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