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    15th August 2018 - please show respect to our national flag

    As the 72nd Independence Day of India on 15th August 2018 celebrations are approaching, the market will be flooded with symbols of Indian pride like the Indian Flag. The problem with us is that we purchase it & wear it on our shirts or fix it on our bikes or vehicles so as to show our interest & pride of having those, but when the day is over we don't even care about the flags. We simply throw them on the streets or into the dustbins. Please avoid doing this.

    This is to request all the members to follow this & make this message reachable to the maximum possible number of people so as to celebrate this day with a true sense of pride & feeling of nationalism. Jai Hind.

    [English errors corrected on 11th August ~ ME]
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    "when the day passes we don't even care to throw them on the streets or into the dustbins."

    Editors remove this post immediately.

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    Every true citizen of India should feel proud of their land, and take pride in wearing the national flag on their clothes, car or bikes. This should be taught in the LKG itself as to how we should treat and respect our national flag.
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    We must salute our National Flag everyday. We must salute it spontaneously. We must not show any disrespect to the National Flag.
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    Partha and Sun, have you gone through the content of the thread? The content should be altered. It gives a different meaning.
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    Mr. KVRR: Kindly read the third line of my response. I have read the thread and understood the feeling it wants to express.
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    I am not bothered about what he wants to convey. I am worried about what it conveys.
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    Mr. KVRR, I have made the correction here. Thanks.

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    Mr.Ved, remove "don't even care to" from the sentence.
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    Mr. KVRR. isn't it the fact of which we should mind it?

    In addition, I don't want to be into any debate here but if the ISC wants to remove this thread then it's up to them.

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    Yes National flag stripes, labels, badges and other materials are available in the market and they are vastly sold at the traffic signals too. We are tempted to buy the same and after the use of the same for few hours, we want to get rid of the same and that should be done with great respect. We should not throw the flags or flag pinups on the roads, instead keep the same aside for next year use. Likewise children should also be taught about the usage of national flags and its emblems and they should asked to remove those decorative flags either too pasted on the rods and the walls and thus this kind of awareness bring them more pride for the country.
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    It is correct. Many times we will find these flags on roads after the day. It is not a good way of respecting our national flag. Every year you need not purchase a new one. Whatever you have purchased once after the day is over keep them safely and use it for the next year also. There is no problem. Purchase a good metallic one so that it will come for many years. But don't throw them anywhere you like. Otherwise, you need not purchase also. You can salute the flag somewhere, either in a school or a college or an office. That is enough. There is no rule that you have to wear it on your shirt to show respect.
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    Mr. KVRR,
    The author is correct, but there is little difference in expressing his views in incorrect English. He meant - On the next day, we don't care those flags, but throw them on the streets. This should be avoided and the flags should be preserved or disposed off carefully.

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    I reiterate that we must understand and respect the feelings behind the message instead of pointing out wrong English/typographical errors. In fact, how many of us write each and every English sentence correctly?
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    The difference in expressing the view in incorrect English is giving a totally different message which the author does not intend to. The wrong usage is giving the message that we do not care to throw them on streets or in dustbins. We all commit mistakes and we should have the will to correct them when pointed out. Let us stop the discussion here.
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    National flag doesn't get changed every year. The used flags should be preserved for use on the next occasion like Republic day and next Independence day as long as it is reusable. We should maintain a separate file or cover to preserve those used flags. If at all we want to dispose them off due to wear and tear, faded colours, we should not burn it or bury it, but dilute it in the cold water and dispose it wisely.
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    We do not know how to respect the National Flag. It has become a habit and people are so used to it that they do not bother. Everybody nowadays is crazy to celebrate the independence day and know so many things about the struggle the freedom fighters went through to make our country independent, but when it comes to respect it seems they forget.

    This craze led to indiscriminate use of small paper flags which is tied on a rope to decorate a particular place during flag hoisting. These type of paper flags are so thin that it becomes difficult to use it more than once and it has become a tendency to handle them on a use & throw basis. To stop the misuse of these small paper or plastic flags they can be collected and recycled for further use. Other than that, if cloth is used instead of paper or plastic to make these small flags then it can be reused many times because of the durability.


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    If we can say no to plastic carry bags, we should be able to say No to paper national flags forever. Only durable thick plastic flags or cloth flags should be used and preserved for repeated use.
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    Just a kindly request - While it is good to ensure correct English when it is an essential & sensitive matter (in this case national pride), please let us not take a very meaningful thread off-track with discussions on the incorrect use of words/grammar/type error, etc. I would suggest, instead, that you send a request message to the thread's author as well as to the forum Lead Editor Saji Ganesh. In case the author has not made any requisite corrections, a forum editor can tune the text correctly.

    Please continue with the essence of the topic now.

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    KVRR, it was apparently an inadvertent error on the part of the author which is the result of his not checking his draft properly before submitting. Hope the author will realize the importance of checking out posts before submission. The point stands corrected now.

    The observation made by the author is correct. Do not buy flags to exhibit your nationalism if you can't preserve it. We do get to see flags being thrown away on the roads and dustbins once the celebrations are over and this amounts to disrespecting the National Flag. Please don't do it.

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