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    Concept of Smart School System

    The modern-day education system is seen as one of the biggest boons for students learning. The computer-based learning is providing ample resource to the students and increasing their information base on subjects and topics relevant to their school curriculum. Internet technology has enhanced the reach of students to prepare themselves well in accordance with the syllabus.

    Is this really an ideal scenario in our education system?
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    The concept of Smart School System is good for education. The internet technology is very useful to students to enhance their knowledge. The student will get benefitted by these facilities and he will gain a good understanding of the subject.
    But every coin will have two sides. The other side of this coin is these technologies are providing more than required information and giving them unwanted information also. If the student is using the other side of the coin it will be a curse to him and he will get addicted to unnecessary sites and waste his time.
    So the individual's attitude towards using the available technologies will be the deciding factor. Here the role of the parents will come. They should educate the children and see that the technology and developments will be used for their benefit.

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    I believe that this concept is very effect for teaching. There are different educational videos online which can be used to make a student understand the topic better. But it is necessary to have some external assistance to understand everything properly. Thus, it is preferred to install computer teaching methods in schools. Also, animated videos are more easy to understand. People find them more interesting than other videos.

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    What I feel that with this new smart school technology, the students are treated with main subject presentation in detail along with lots of examples and also going into the branches of the subject with detailing. That gives the added knowledge the students. For example if there is a presentation of historical fort like Golconda., in normal bookish education , the student would know only about that fort. But when it comes to smart school class, various forts of India are shown and a comparative study is also shown with images and thus the students are benefited with additional information which helps in scoring more marks.

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    Smart school system is a best way of teaching method. Student will easily understand subjects. Concentration level increases more because communication is visible. Teachers take more effect and think in a different way of teaching method like using presentations power point, animations, videos,etc.. . Main advantage is listening power, thinking power will be increased by this type of method

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    Thanks for the valuable inputs friends. Hope to see more such inputs.

    We need to see the positive side of the scenario, yes there are advantages and disadvantages to the technology, but going in the right direction with a focussed approach will definitely help to improve the situation and we could see a new dimension in the field of education.

    Good Luck Friends!

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    The question is who is driving our education system? Whatever course content or the technology we are offering to our young generation, is it being offered with a planning for their better future or is governed by some profit motive?

    Technology (specifically internet), no doubt, helps the youngsters to gather more information & also gives them easy excess. But is all information meaningful & worth gathering? Are not these gadgets(computers, laptops, Tablets, mobiles) making them too much dependent on them? Young children hardly indulge in physical activities nowadays, they are always glued to these gadgets.

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    It is true that the modern school education system has really come up very nicely especially due to the inception of computers and audio visual aids.

    There has been a paradigm shift in job markets and the education system has to evolve in accordance to that only. One thing which requires more emphasis is practical application of education. It is high time that we must inculcate technical education ideas in our education system and the students should, to some minimal extent, have acquaintance with the trade side.

    The day to day minor household repairs and maintenance should be a part of the syllabus so that the student does not cut a sorry figure when it comes to doing a minor household repair work. If we want to make the education a wholesome knowledge experience, it is imperative to add technical elements to it.

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    Thanks a lot to your responses friends. Yes, an integration of technology and physical essence should be included in the curriculum so that a child gets an overall development and help them to grow well in their lives.

    All the best!

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    Thank you for such a nice post.

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