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    Do we respect our currencies?

    This has been seen as the most common phenomenon to be evident of something written on the notes of whatever amount. Somebody has come-up with his name or with the dates or numbers of counts. I don't feel that any other country would have allowed of about this type of culture in their currency notes but the same being practicing in our country. Although for all the newly released currencies or notes this has been banned or wouldn't be applicable for the financial transactions if found any notes in it but these currencies can still be found in the circulation.

    Don't we feel that the country wherein the money in any form is respected to the level of any deity, these kinds of activities shows us our true being?
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    True. We should respect the currency. We should not abuse it. But in India, it has become a fashion to note down and write whatever they want on the white space available on the note. We will see many such notes in circulation. But now the government has banned this practice and if anything is written on the note it will lose its identity and it will not have any value. But old notes will continue to be in circulation till they are abandoned. At least here onwards if people stop writing on the old notes that will be good and we can say that we have respect for our currency.
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    Why still banks and ATMs issues these kind of currencies instead of blocking it when it comes to them? Common people who draw money from ATM affected because of this. Either they should punish the people who did it or they should control the circulation. Unfortunately RBI governor doesn't have time to look into this since he is still busy in counting the demonetized currencies.

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    As per the new RBI guidelines, the currencies should not carry any mentions on them like names, numbers, images or any other mark and that deems to be unfit and not accepted. And also the currencies should not be stapled and it must be counted and packed with rubber band or thread band. Slowly the old currencies are being withdrawn from the circulations, and hell lot of things are being mentioned on old notes and they are still accepted as legal tenders. Nevertheless, we should respect our currencies which is equivalent to Goddess Lakshmi and desist from writing or mentioning anything on that.
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