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    Kerala hit by heavy rain.

    This year monsoon is very heavy and rain fall has claimed around twenty six lives and caused lots of damages for buildings and roads and land slides. Thousands of people are moved to safety places. Twenty six dams have been opened since the dams are full
    This include the Idukky and Malampuzha dams. All the five shutters are opened in the Cheruthoni dam, the dam controlling the water in Idukki dam. In Idukki dam the water is almost in the maximum level, 2401.76 ft. The maximum is calculated as 2403 ft. The opening of The shutters has caused the water level of Periyar river. The State Government have taken all efforts to extend help to overcome the difficulties caused by this flooding. The Central Government have already come forward to help the State. The neighbouring States Tamil Nadu and Karnataka have also extended their helps. The people of Kerala will be thankful to all these kind actions of Centre and other States.
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    We heard about this and it is very sad to know that about 26 people died because of these heavy rains. It is good to note that the State Government has taken all efforts to minimise the damage and overcome the difficulties. It is very nice that central government, Tamilnadu government and Karnataka government have extended their help in mitigating the problem. I hope the other states will also extend the help to overcome the problem.
    The rains in Telangana are still awaited. We are not feeling that rainy season has come. I think same is the position in Andhra Pradesh also. Either no rains or heavy rains.

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    Very sad to note that the rain is playing havoc in Kerala. The Idukki dam has touched its full capacity of 2403 feet(2401 feet) and its Cheruthoni dam has opened all its five shutters to release the excess water flowing into the Idukki Dam. Thank God, the state and district administration has warned the people living in the area to shift their houses to safe places well in advance(10 days in advance). The weather forecast says that the rain God will continue to be present in Kerala till 14th August. All government machinaries have been geared up to face the heavy flood and carryout rescue operation.
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    Bankura district of West Bengal has been suffering due to the fury of nature this year. Bankura district is a relatively dry district of West Bengal, but this year River Gandheshwari has become angry after remaining quiet for many years. Moreover, water is coming from Tilaiya, Mython and Panchet dams. Even the situation in Bankura city has been terrible. Many homes, roads and bridges have been destroyed.

    But when the representatives of the public should remain with the people in distress, the glamorous film star of yesteryears (whom the great didi made the MP of Bankura), has been enjoying food in a posh Kolkata restaurant, and uploading the selfies along with the costly breakfast.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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