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    10th Aug- the importance of "World Bio fuel day"

    The non fossil bio fuel is alternate to conventional fossil fuels and the Ministry of Petroleum for the past three years has been observing 10th Aug as the World Biofuel day. Biofuel can reduce the import of crude oil on which the cost escalation is bothering the oil companies and the government.It may be noted that Bio diesel blending has been started in India frorm 10th Aug 2015 and the blending of ethanol from 38 crore liters to 141 crore liters in 2017 -18 The bio fuel ethanol consists of molasses and sugar cane juices.
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    Today is World Bio Fuel day. Prime Minister today launched a web portal called PARIVESH a single window for environmental, wildlife, forest and Coastal Regulation Zone clearances. A book on National Biofuel Policy 2018 was also released by him. Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said that 12 modern biofuel refineries worth ten thousand crore rupees will be established across the country. It is mentioned by him that the government is targeting ten per cent ethanol blending in petrol by 2022 and 20 per cent by 2030.
    Biofuel can bring good changes in the lives of the farmers. The government is making a huge investment towards converting biomass into biofuel. It will reduce dependence on Clean Natural gas and will help the environment protection.

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    World Bio fuel Day is observed to create awareness about the use of non-fossil fuel and different initiatives are undertaken by the government to observe the day. It is interesting to note that on 10 August, 1893, Sir R.Diesel, who invented the diesel engine, ran a mechanical engine successfully for the first time with peanut oil and this is the perfect day to memorize that event.

    The fossil fuel reserve is on a decline and bio fuel is going to be the alternative choice within a short period. On this occasion the government announced different projects to help our country progress in this field. Many bio fuel refineries will come up in India which will cut the cost of oil import to some extent and this will help the farmers a lot since biomass will be converted to bio fuel.


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