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    Members! Be careful about this Whatsapp fraud

    Social media spread various rumours. Social media cause many frauds. Fake messages have increased in recent times. Nowadays an attempt is being made to fleece money from people. Now another message involving Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana is being forwarded through Whatsapp. A fake message has been circulating which states that just registering on that particular site will give the person Rs 10,000/-. The message asks people to donate Rs 1000/- per month which can be utilized by the girl after she attains the age of ten. The fake message is being forwarded asking users to just make an account on Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana's website and get easy money. The message also asks to send it across to ten different contacts to get the money. The clicks on this website will only help it to generate more money through their ad revenues.

    Needless to say that this is an elaborate fraud. The fraudsters are planning to fleece money from people in different ways (by collecting Rs. 1000/- from every person who would fall into this trap and also from ad revenues as mentioned above). Members! Be careful about such fraud messages!
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    Yes. I read that whatsapp message and got it deleted immediately with a feeling that it was a fraud.
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    Thanks to the author for notifying this through this thread. Fake news and rumours are a menace nowadays and surprisingly it seems to be on the rise. Sometimes these types of messages convey so emotional incidents that people tend to fall prey to it. Nobody should click any link attached with those messages which may expose the smart devices to different malware. I feel, as a responsible citizen, it is the duty of everyone to notify the fellow people about any fraud or fake which is doing the rounds in different social platforms.

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    These kind of fraud messages keep popping nowadays. Even they send SMS to bluff people and loot money from them. Hacking has become very effective way to get the bank account details from others. It is recommended to inform cyber police if any kind of suspicious message or call is received. Do not share any sort of personal details with these hackers.

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    Yes I also came across such message and just ignored after reading it. As we are in touch with happenings and know about new schemes of government we need not believe such messages which are being circulated to cheat the public. The cyber crime police are fanning out and looking for such culprits who circulate such messages and they are bound to be arrested. In this regard I appreciate the AP government for setting up of special crime branch for the cyber frauds and that had started functioning already. So we can be rest assured that such cheating meassages would come to an end.
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    Many such messages are seen these days and some innocent people may be getting trapped into problems with such messages. In this world, nobody will share their money for free with others. This is the reality. No one should forget this basic principle. If somebody is giving you Rs.1, 00, 000/-. they will expect at least a profit of another Rs.1,00.000/- from you So let us not be after these free bucks. Ultimately the system will see that you will lose more money than what you get. So never click on such messages.
    These days some emails are also being sent asking us to cooperate with them and the say that we will be getting very good money if we help them. But these messages are also not reliable and you shouldn't respond to such emails and you shouldn't give a reply to such emails.

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