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    Is 'Selfie' becoming a social problem?

    It has become a habit for many to take 'selfies' irrespective of the context. Yesterday, it is reported that, when one of the shutters of the Cheruthoni dam was opened and also because of heavy rain, the water level in Periyar (the major river in Kerala) was rising. The Aluva bridge is for crossing this river. Once the news of rising water reached the public, the people crossing the river gathered on the pavements to take selfies with the Periyar river. The vehicles stopped on the bridge for the same purpose. This being National Highway, the traffic was blocked. The Police were there to safeguard the area because of the flood. They tried their best to remove the 'selfie' crowd as well as the vehicles but being a road with heavy traffic, new vehicles and people crowded there. When they failed in their attempts, they collected meters of clothes and covered both the sides of the bridge with curtains!

    Today in a discussion in a channel also there was a mention about this selfie problem when rescuing people from the flood and related calamities. Rescuing volunteers were being disturbed by these selfie groups. An officer who participated in the channel discussion about the flood too expressed serious concern over this issue. This selfie fever is spreading without any worries about the place, situation or context.
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    Yes, it is really becoming a problem. Some say it is selfie-mania, some say it is a fad. To me, it is nonsensical. They take selfie on the road. They take selfie with poisonous snakes. They take selfie during a storm. They take selfie just beside a gorge. They get killed in the process. But the selfie-mania continues unabated.
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    People are becoming crazy everywhere and the author has raised a serious concern that at times baffles the law enforcing authorities. We get different news from many sources that describes the risk associated with clicking selfie. These crazy people do not pay heed to any requests and irrespective of the situation they take selfies. Many a times they become prone to accidents because of the careless attitude, but they never bother.

    Nowadays everybody wants to stay relevant online by posting their regular activities in different social media platforms and posting a selfie is among one of those activities. Whenever something new arrives, be it technology or gadget, people talk more about that and tend to become crazy to experience it.

    Selfie is comparatively new and it seems the craze has not died down yet. Fatalities do take place when people take a selfie on particular places to post their daredevil activities online. For example, there was news of clicking selfies on the middle of the busy roads and railway tracks that created havoc. As long as the people are not becoming aware, there is no way out to discipline them.


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    I do agree with your statement Sir. Selfies have become a trend nowadays. Some people doesn't care what the scenario is. They often become so busy doing this that they spoil their social relations. They become more concern about taking selfies with them rather than talking to them. Also, most of the social networking apps have started the feature of stories. This feature have brought more addiction towards clicking photographs. Now people try to add every part of their routine to get uploaded in their story feed. These social networking companies are trying their best to get most profit from us and we are getting into this trap. I hope this addiction reduces in future and people spend more this in doing more practical things rather than wasting time in this.

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    Yes. It is unfortunate that our country is in the top list of 'selfie-deaths'.

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    Yes selfie mania is spreading like a wild fire and it cannot be stopped even with the educated lots indulging in clicking images of their own while precariously handing to the train or bus, taking selfies from the roof tops of the electric train, moving train etc. And over and above the new kick challenge has posed big problem to the law makers as the challengers suddenly get out of the moving car and dance to the tune and that is filmed to be loaded in the social media. The Telangana police has strictly prohibited such freak out people and they are bound to be arrested without bail. Worst is the case when people are taking selfies when some one suffering from the accident bleeding and instead giving their the immediate help, people are indulging in selfies. Even when the funeral processions are going on people are taking selfies. The latest being during Karunanidhi funeral procession.
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    When Rome was on fire, the Roman King Nero was playing his fiddle. Similarly, when Kerala is flooded, the people of Kerala are enjoying with their Selfie.
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    People are crazy. They behave oddly always. When there are some fellow human beings in the problem and a team is trying to rescue them, these people going there and taking selfies is nothing but madness. If they have guts they can also try to rescue some victims. Otherwise, they can simply move on. Without doing that gathering there and trying to take selfies will enhance the problem on the spot. Traffic jams will happen. The Victims whom to be sent to hospitals urgently for treatment can't be sent in time. Thus this mania will see that more people will suffer and even they may lose the lives as they can't reach the hospital in time.
    These days we are observing selfie people behaving without a sense. They want to take selfies even with dead bodies also, I think. It is creating real problems for many in many occasions. These people don't have any discipline and that will be creating problems for other people.

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