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    She is afraid of cockroach; I am afraid of her!

    Dinner was over. After dinner, I was having my last smoke for the day at the terrace. The sky was blue and clear. The moon was floating in the sky. The residential block was quiet. The chowkidar was completing his first round of vigil.

    Suddenly I heard a terrible cry. I came down hurriedly. I entered the kitchen. She was shrieking and dancing. I started thinking about some terrible possibilities. A glass made of glass was already broken.

    I put on the chappal, moved forward carefully. The culprit cockroach ultimately flew away through the open window of the kitchen. I hurriedly closed the window. The drama was fortunately over. I told the curious chowkidar that everything was alright.

    She is afraid of cockroaches. She can do many unimaginable things if she notices cockroaches. And I am very afraid of her during those special moments (when she notices cockroaches).
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    What a wonderful write-up. This fear of the cockroach is very common among ladies everywhere. After reading this, I am reminded of a video where this creepy creature saved a terrible fight among two sisters. The video showed the fight between two sisters where they even engaged to attack each other with kitchen knives, suddenly the husband of one of those ladies arrived with a small cockroach in hand and threw it in between them, both the ladies dispersed and ran out of the room.

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    The title really attracted me. Getting afraid of cockroaches is the natural reaction of any house hold but what amused me your second sentence that you are afraid of her. Yes in the fit of fear there is every possibility to damage anything that comes the way to have the safe passage from attacking cockroaches. There is a bad habit with cockroach as we tend to push them with the leg or any thing, they again come fast approaching the same path with much speed and that terrifies the house hold. I can understand your anxiety and worry in this regard.
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    Haha hilarious. The title kind of spoiled the experience because it killed the twist. The drama and humor content was fantastic..
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    Very good narration. This is common that many girls are afraid of cockroach. I too have many such experiences. My sister-in-law is afraid of cockroaches. When she notices a cockroach, she will make a terrible noice and just throws away whatever she has in her hand.

    We will be scared by her reaction thinking what has went wrong. Later on it will turn into a funny incident.

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    Even though the incident mentioned is a very common incident and will be happening in almost all the houses, there is a special look for this thread which has come through the narration and presentation of the author. I appreciate the way he presented the whole episode.
    My wife also always worried more about these cockroaches and she will also make different types of actions when she sees them. I have to quickly get into action and see that the site is cleared. Otherwise, many things will happen there within a very small span of time.
    Generally, She will use Lakshmana Rekha to avoid these insects to come inside. But unfortunately, sometimes they will peep in and enjoy the drama enacted by us there.

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    Excellent Mr. Partha, Lovely composition and I kind of liked the title, it implies a lot. Cockroaches and spiders are the objects of aversion to many women in our families. But the unsaid truth is that the cockroaches are not afraid of us because, the they've been around even before the dinosaurs!

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    What a wonderful post on the terror of the world
    - cockroaches!
    I can so relate to the title. Once my aunt came to stay over at my house. She was in the bathroom and she screamed at the top of her voice. I think the entire building must have heard her scream. I almost had a heart attach thinking she must have slipped in the bathroom and now what will happen and I was so scared. Then she comes running outside the bathroom screaming , cockroach! cockroach! and I stared at her in disbelief. She made me run after the cockroach until it was outside the house. What s night mare ! I couldn't believe my aunt that day!

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    Another nice narration here by the experienced author.

    I am much impressed with the simplicity of the write up which is so brilliantly composed.

    Well done and I really enjoyed it.

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    I remembered a past thread, searched and I got the cockroach thread. Here is the thread giving some good funny information.
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    I am laughing sitting alone after reading the title. Great thread and I am enjoying reading it again.
    I had a similar kind of situation but not with cockroaches. I and my elder sister scared of lizards like anything and we welcome them with a great scream. We have so many such childhood memories (although we still cannot accept lizards) to laugh.


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    You can pray to be reborn as a cockroach to scare her.(wink and smile!)

    Jokes apart, this is a scene probably experienced at many homes.

    I also appreciate the cryptic comment - cockroaches !the terror of the world!)
    by Dipti.

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