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    SC orders shutting down of resorts in TN hill areas to enable elephants to live with peace.

    Some times the SC takes such cases in the interest of public and pronounce judgement much to the surprise of all. This time it took the cause of elephants which have been denied their ultimate habitat as most of the Hilly areas have huge construction of resorts for the public and there by curtailing the movements of elephants freely and thus elephants in turn comes to nearby human habit and create scare among the locals. So SC has asked TN Government to shut at least 40 costly resorts within 48 hours for the sake of elephants. Any comment ?
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    We should appreciate the Supreme Court for its judgement. The hill areas are very good tourists places as the greenery there will be good, the atmosphere will be good and there will be animals to see and enjoy. For these issues, only people will go there. If greenery is cut and buildings are constructed, the points which make the area special will vanish. Once the jungle is cleared for construction, no greenery, temperatures will increase and the animals vanish. In such a case why people will visit that place. Why the government is forgetting this simple logic, I don't understand. If no visitors all these resorts will be unoccupied and ultimately will get closed. So for our living, we should allow the greenery to survive. Animals should also be allowed to live there.
    The court is correct in ordering the State government to see that the resorts will be closed down immediately and once it happens, many other resorts will not come there keeping the experience of these people.

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    I'm glad to read this decision from SC. Having read the reports, we should applaud the district collector of Niligris for taking this issue up and the SC for its judgement.

    But, I fear that nothing much will be done. These resorts/firms would be directly or indirectly linked to powerful people in the locality or the state and after a few weeks, things would be back to normal.

    On a similar note, Many of us hope the the SC will give a favorable decision on the issue of Lifting the ban on night traffic in Bandipur. The center wants it but the new CM and concerned environmentalists/people are opposing it.

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    As far as illegal resorts in forest buffer zone are concerned, it is not possible for someone to construct a resort, make it full functional and run it without the co-operation and blessings of local authorities.

    Similarly, the government allocates licenses to pubs and bars/nigh clubs in residential areas, later on public have to approach the courts and get a closure notice on the same establishments.

    Banners and cut outs are common in most cities we live-in. These are often by politicians or the rich announcing som event.In Bangalore, the High court has to pass an order to the municipal officers to get rid of the felxibanners and posters.

    In Shimla, many lodges/guest houses built with the help of politicians and or officials who turned a blind eye.Later to be told by SC to demolish illegal resorts.

    So, why do we need this dual role play by the Government officials? Why one arm allows things to happen and the other arm has to strike it down. It's like Pinching the baby and rocking the cradle. Do we really need it?

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