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    Results of Sun's Jallikattu

    Refer this thread. Results of Sun's latest Jallikattu.

    The winner who caught and fought all the right bulls is Ms.Vandana. It was a fast fight.
    The right bulls are:
    1. Lug
    2. Boom
    3. Deer
    4. Pit
    5 .Nine
    6. Ming
    7. Read
    8 .Sigh
    9. Rogue

    The Bull Controller is - EDINBURGH.

    The response to Sun's Jallikattu was very poor. Only Ms. Vandana and Mr. Mohan and Mr. Aditya Mohan participated. Mr. Mohan went wrong with his Bull Controller with unmatching MONTREAL(only 8 alphabets). Mr. Aditya Mohan failed to get the Bull controller and withdrawn from the fight. Mr. Partha posted his inability to fight the bulls.

    Members, Let us congratulate the winner Ms. Vandana ME of ISC.
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    Congratulations to Ms. Vandana for winning the latest edition of Jallikattu. As I already admitted that I did not submit my entry because I could not find the correct bull. Appreciations to other participants. I do hope that in future more participants will take part in the contest organized by Mr. SuN occasionally.
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    You could make it more difficult next time as it did not require any intelligent work or application of the little grey cells. I confess that all I did was to use Google to get the bull controller first and then think of the appropriate words to fill in the blanks.

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    Congratulations Vandana ma'am on winning Sun's latest Jallikattu!
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    It is a very difficult task to get the right bull controller. That too, in this jallikattu, it would have been more difficult to get a name of a place in the world. You could get it right. I should really appreciate your sincere efforts. I Will try to make it more difficult in my next jallikattu.

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    I repeat that this was not difficult. Just type "nine letter city" in Google. By simple elimination of alphabets which are not in the bulls (list of words you gave), the city is known and the puzzle solved in the manner I did.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    You have the tact to get it, many may not. Hence there were no much members to participate. Even Aditya Mohan could not make it.

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    Congrats to Vandana for winning the Jallikattu and also great that you have shared the secret of winning and that was pleasing to learn from you.
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    Congratulations to the Managing Editor for winning the Jallikattu. I couldn't participate in the contest as I got some other important work at that time and can't work on that. I hope Sun will conduct some more quiz programmes like this so that members can test their intelligence by participating in those quiz programmes.
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    Vandana didn't find it hard? None. Exactly none of my answers matched the key ,Sun. To me it was plenty hard. But potential and predictability differs from person to person and well experienced Vandana really deserved it. Congratulations!! I would try to participate in future with more zeal.
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