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    Some politicians and their chamchas (sycophants) are so intolerant!

    Politicians are basically public servants. They are elected at different levels to work for the welfare of people. But some politicians become arrogant. They forget that they have been elected to serve people. Instead, they start thinking that common people are their servants.

    Not only the politicians, their chamchas (blind followers/sycophants) also start basking in reflected glories. They start abusing common people in various ways. These arrogant politicians and their chamchas abuse people, heckle people and try to silence the voice of criticism in various ways.

    But these arrogant politicians and their intolerant chamchas forget that one day people would simply kick them out and they would be thrown in the dustbin of history.
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    It is true. Politicians will behave like the servants of the general public till they win in the elections. Once they win the elections, they will forget about these people. They will start abusing the same public. Some people who follow the politicians will also think they are also the masters and start abusing the public. They never think that they are in that position because of this public only. The politicians will think that they can manage them forever during the elections so that the public will vote for them.
    But the citizens are also not fools. They also will be observing the actions of these politicians and they will show their anger only once when their turn comes. That's all. These politicians will be back in their villages. So politicians and their chamchas should understand the importance of the voters and serve them as much as possible so that they will be in the good books of the people.

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    True. More than the political leaders themselves, it is these blind followers (chamchas) who are the real curse of the day. They do not bother to see the truth and blindly offer support to whatever their leaders say. But they don't get the actual support of the leaders when they do or say something which is against the political interests of the leaders. Positions are always above ideology for politicians. Just look at the happenings around and you will see how they are discarded when something they say or do gather public ire against the leaders.
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    The observation of the author is true. This is what is happening in the country now. Criticism is not taken in the proper sense. Recently two correspondents of a channel had to resign as they dared to bring facts out.
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    Many politician and especially their followers feel that as soon as they win the election, they seems to be on cloud 9 and wont even follow the rule of the law and their behavior in public is eccentric. I have seen many videos where in the leader and their follower wont pay the toll tax and when demanded they personally attack the workers posted there and that high handedness are not even condemned by the party boss or the leader. And they wont even give appointment to those who have elected them. This irks the voter and the next time they wont vote the same leader again.
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    Some chamchas are so arrogant they start taking punitive actions even in online platform against anyone who dares to even mildly criticize their masters.
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