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    Why do we need someone else to insist on our own safety?

    There are few things that are supposed to be followed for our own safety. Why do we want some one to insist on doing those?

    We wear helmet just to avoid penalty and some times we take a diverson to other route to escape from the cop but we don't want to wear the helment. We wear seat belt only when we know the cop is checking. We are just afraid that we will be caught by the cop for drunk and drive. We are being reminded everytime that drinking and smoking is injurious to health but we dont even care about it.

    Are we doing these thing for the sake of someone else? Do we really need someone to insist doing these for our own safety. Can't we follow these simple things to avoid havoc for ourself and to avoid creating disturbamce to others? Why are we so irresponsible about ourselves?
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    This is the situation makes me also always worry. The helmet is for your safety, the seat belt is for your safety, smoking is not good for health and drinking is also not good for health. Drinking and driving is a very bad combination. Speaking on mobile while driving is dangerous. These facts are known to all. But no one stops doing these acts. If the police see us we may feel we have to pay fine. So we follow. But we never know why they should tell us about our safety. If an accident happens you will be the victim. This fact why we forget when we are doing these mistakes. This is called overconfidence. A human being should have confidence but not overconfidence.
    The rules and regulations are required for keeping a discipline in the public places and some are for our own safety. This fact should be remembered by all at all times and follow them without fail. Because of our misdeeds, we will get hurt and at the same time, we are making other innocent people also vulnerable to mishaps. Keep this in mind and follow rules and regulations. Be safe and happy.

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    What the two wheeler owners think that wearing the helmet is not their cup of cake and as it is considered less importance by those who have a say in the society and their stature. They feel that wearing helmet is awkward to their position. But the traffic police in Hyderabad are stopping every one, either women, youth, girl, elder or any other person riding the two wheeler without helmet, they give counselling and also prevail upon purchasing the helmet then and there itself. It is concern of others on our life, but it gives great loss to a family if any one dies of road accident without helmet and most of the two wheeler accidents are resulting in head injuries. And many people are not strapping the helmet which is again useless. In the impact of accident the helmet may be removed from the head and thus the injury would happen anyway.
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    I think the reason behind such an attitude is our inherent instinct to question a dictate/ instruction. We entertain a feeling that being obedient means surrendering ourselves. It is this attitude that encourages us to defy rules and regulations and also to disobey or neglect advises of our elders even if it is at the cost our own well being. 'Why should I?' is a question that we knowingly or unknowingly allow to prevail over us. As the author has rightly pointed out, it is not because we are not aware of the possible dangers or bad effects but we are more bothered about the 'I' factor. It is my life, why should someone else be bothered is the question that would be put forward. We wear helmets or put on seat belts or dare not jump signals when a police officer is present just because we are afraid of the punitive part and is in no way connected to our transition to being a responsible citizen; responsible to ourselves and to others.

    I have a different opinion regarding the smoking and drinking part though because it is rather a habit that is developed gradually and needs to be addressed in a different method.

    'Any fool can know. The point is to understand."- Albert Einstein

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    'Any fool can know. The point is to understand."- Albert Einstein

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    Others insist us to follow the rules not for the individual's safety, but for the individual's family which will ultimately suffer in the event of unfortunate events to the individual. Only an irresponsible individual who doesn't care his family will ignore the rules and regulations.

    If an individual errs and don't take safety precautions, others would abuse them like this:
    E.g. On the road, against a rash and negligent driving youth without a helmet - "Dey, Madaya, Veetila sollittu vandhayadaa?"(You fool, Did you inform your family before you left your home?)

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    These are the habits which have been developed within us during a period of time. This is because we have been following others or nothing unfortunate thing happened to us so far & that's why we continued to move with the previous paths. May be when someday something unfortunate happen to us then possibly we wouldn't be having enough time to think on such acts of ours. On the other hand the smoking or drinking is having slow impact on us & therefore the changes can't be seen till this get very late to our knowledge & understanding. By the way this is life we only can work on our ways to improve & implement the things & hope so that this would be good enough to live our life.

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    A pertinent question and a relevant thread.
    In a TV interview one day, I heard one Traffic Safety official narrating an incident. A student was speeding on his two-wheeler without wearing a helmet. When he was stopped by the traffic official it was revealed that he was going to buy a screen guard for his new smartphone.
    The traffic official was wondering about the irony that when the boy was worried about the safety of his smartphone costing a few thousand rupees, he was least concerned about his own precious life, as he was not wearing helmet and over speeding.

    So the right question- should we be reminded about our own safety by others?

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