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    Guide and advice me to publish my articles here on ISC.


    I have written some of the articles related to Health earlier for health blogs on Contentmart as a writer which I have posted here, but I was amazed to see that they got rejected here.

    Pls guide and suggest me what should I do to make the articles published here on ISC.

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    As far as I am aware, articles or contents of members have to be original for getting accepted. If we just submit an already published (print or online) article (even if we are the authors) then, it is bound to be rejected.

    Further on, ISC has a copied article checker (you can see this if you click on dashboard in the drop down menu just below your name after you login). This is to check if one of our original articles has been copied or found in other site.

    So, what you can do is check the topic on which you have written, find a new point of focus or issue that can be expanded,add new material or key points and submit a fresh article that does not have the same old content. Then you would have a better chance of acceptance.

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    Please go through the following thoroughly-

    Post Resource

    Copying content from any sources including other websites, news papers and other printed material is a violation of copy right laws. You may refer to other sites to improve your knowledge on the subject, but you must prepare resources yourself completely in your own words. You should not even copy short code snippets/news/announcements from other sources.

    We will not approve reproduced content. Such content will be deleted by the editors and will not be eligible for prizes, cash payments and AdSense revenue sharing program. You may be blocked from further posting for posting reproduced content.

    If you are republishing your own content that is already published elsewhere, you must delete the other source before you can post it here.

    You may be legally responsible for any content you post.

    Remember to read all content posting guidelines before you post articles.

    I understand that reproducing content from any other sources is a serious violation of copy right laws. I here by certify that the content I am posting is prepared by my self in my own words and not taken from any other sources.

    This is the message that pops up before you submit any resource i.e. an article on ISC. It clearly mentions that you need to delete the othe other source if you are reproducing your content.

    Hope this helps.

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    I have gone through the resources which the author has submitted but are presently pending for approval. These articles are of very high quality but do not follow the basic rules of posting articles. So, in all probability, the author would be asked to revise the articles.

    Iw ould advise the author to learn how to write attractive summaries and various html commands. She must not get disheartened if any one of her articles gets rejected. I reiterate that her article are really good, but she must submit the articles in prescribed format of ISC.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Yes I know copied content are not allowed but all these articles are written by me only in my own words.

    I have posted them following the guidelines on ISC.

    How to use the article copied checker here on ISC as I am not able to use it as it showing access is denied. How should I use it pls advice.

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    Thank you all for your valuable advice.

    I check the articles through a plagiarism checker such as Duplichecker and through Grammarly for Grammar and Punctuations before submitting the articles.

    Here I am not able to use the Copied Checker as it is showing Access Is Denied. Just tell me How I can use it?

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    Tabassum, at the outset, I would like to inform you that ISC does not accept any content that has already been published elsewhere even if the same has actually been written by you.

    I suggest you to read and understand the Posting Guidelines, all the Help Topics and also go through this article on Good article writing tips so that you get a fair idea of our requirements.

    Being a new member, it would be nice if you could browse through the different sections and get acquainted with our policies and facilities. Do come up with fresh topics written on your own and you will certainly find this site to be encouraging. All the best!

    'It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it'. - Aristotle.

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    Yes, sure thanks for your advice and guidance.

    I am going to write a Fresh and New Article on a specific topic in 1 or 2 days as I like writing on different Topics and Subjects.

    Looking forward to publish here and hope that it gets Published here soon.


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    You have already written articles so writing articles is not an issue for you.

    What is required is that please see the various articles published here and check their format, length and contents and take that as a bench mark for your upcoming articles.

    All the best.

    Knowledge is power.

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