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    Pinching the baby and rocking the cradle. Do we need it?

    Recently there have been many scams, many glaring omissions on the part of the government authorities being reported for various parts of the country.

    Licenses to pubs and bars in residential areas, later on public have to approach the courts to get a ban on music and in some cases the closure of pubs.

    Flexibanners/posters are erected rampantly at all the busy public places and major streets by the politicians (who are the officials themselves). Later on the High court has to pass an order to the municipal officers to get rid of the felxibanners and posters.

    Shimla and Himachal Pradesh has a huge number of unauthorized structures built with the help of politicians and or officials turning a blind eye only later to be told by SC to demolish illegal resorts.

    The thread on SC ordering closure of resorts in forest protected land would also have similar origins.

    In simple terms, it is not possible for someone to construct a resort, make it full functional and run it without the co-operation and blessings of local authorities. So, why do we need this dual role play by the Government officials?, wherein one arm allows things to happen only for the other arm to strike it down.
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    Natarajan, you should have posted this as a response to this thread instead of raising a new thread. I suggest you reword this thread and post it as a response therein. By the by, beautiful title, I must say.

    I am locking this thread as we think it won't be proper to encourage inspired threads in place of possible responses.

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