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    Rationalization of different schools and colleges in our country

    There are many types of education systems going parallel in our country.

    On one side we have the Govt schools and colleges and on the other side we have high end public schools which boast of their connections with foreign educational entities.

    At the same time we have a number of normal private schools who are there in the field only due to cope up with the high population of students and also commercial reasons for their own survival.

    The exposure of students in these different type of environment is naturally different and more and less reflects the type of institution they are coming from.

    Can we rationalize these institutions to one national tune and bring them at the same level so that there is a uniformity in the students being produced by these institutions?

    What can be done to achieve this uniformity in our schools and colleges?
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    I think uniformity in syllabus can be brought. Recently we had a thread on the similar lines where they suggested CBSE syllabus to all schools in the country and only one board. This can be done. But the teaching efficiency will be an individual trait and all the teachers may not be able to teach at the same level. The students grasping also will vary. The facilities in the schools will also vary. With all these variations definitely maintaining uniformity will be difficult In Corporate colleges, the targets for the teachers will be high and their survival depends on the result. But in government institutes, such restrictions and targets may not be there. So I feel bringing uniformity in all institutes may be a difficult proposition.
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    The problem comes with every state government which wants their syllabus be imparted to the school children as drafted by the expert committee which has more thrust on the state history and development. And when it comes to central schools and its syllabus, more impetus is given to the national leaders, national projects, national festival and so on. So given this variations we cannot think of rationalizing the studies through one syllabus which may not tow the idea of the state or the center. So the idea made by the author may be worth discussing but cannot be implemented at all.
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    "There are many types of education systems going parallel in our country. "---------The title and the quoted line create a confusion in my mind. However, on the issue, I would request all Members to remember the following few facts while discussing.

    (a) Education is a concurrent subject. So, there would be Central Boards and State Boards.
    (b) Syllabus can't be uniform. Especially in History and in Geography, State Board students study local history and local geography and I feel this is justified.
    (c) India is a vast country with a mind-boggling number of different cultures. So, uniformity is not always possible as well as desirable.

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    It is true that there are differences in the syllabus and way of working of the schools or colleges but it can not be made similar everywhere as there are many reasons for it.

    Different areas in our country have different languages and local history which has to be a part of education. Due to this we can not make one centralized system for everyone. However care can be taken in standardization of common syllabus so that ambiguities do not occur.

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