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    Friendship is meant to encourage each other

    Characteristics: Encouraging | Gift: Canvas

    I always knew when I first set my foot into my workplace; this wasn't the environment or place that I belonged to. My heart and mind were into the artistic world where I could draw and color with anything that I could imagine. But this world where I had set my foot into was totally unlike my imaginative world. As days passed by, life was getting boring and lonely. Slowly my work was getting Robotic.

    It was one of those days when I really didn't want to go to my workplace when a new person joined our team. Everyone was gaga over the new person, at first look, I never thought that I could make friends with him. I continued with my work without paying much attention to the hassle going on. That's when my team head calls me and tells me that I will have to assist the new person with all the formalities and to give him training. That was how our friendship slowly bloomed.

    As days went by, he became my best friend. Workplace didn't seem as boring as before, we had fun like never before. Incidentally, I got to know that even he was not so much into this work culture. He had other goals and this job was just to sustain him as he continued to achieve that goal. He was a very talented musician and had won many awards at every level; he was just waiting for that one breakthrough which would expose him to the world.

    On one such friendship day, he gifted me a canvas and said that I should get back into painting. For a moment I wondered, what if I won't be able to survive in this expensive world by only painting, but he still kept encouraging me. Even for him with each passing day he found it difficult to manage his work and passion for music. So he decided to quit his job and follow his heart and passion and he gave me this news along with the gift.

    I had tears in my eyes not knowing what to do but I knew in my heart that he was right so even I decided to quit my job. That day I went home and took the canvas which he had gifted me and drew a background with a sunrise to remind me that this is going to be a new life with lots of challenges but yet I was ready to face it.

    A decade later, I looked at that canvas which I had drawn the day I quit which took me to the memories of that day. If it wasn't for that one friend who himself became one of the best musicians in the industry, I would have still been in that work culture. We need friends like this who would encourage us to do the right things in life and I will always have a day and that canvas to remind me of that one friend.

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    An excellent story! The musician encouraged the artist to leave the job. Both left their job and became successful in their respective areas of interest. Yes, we have to nurture our passion and only our best friends can help us to nurture our passion.

    I still remember the day when my best friend in school praised my story and asked me to write more. Every month he used to demand new story from me for the magazine which he started.

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    A very good story from the author which emphasis the need to encourage other friends on every progress and endeavor and that paves way for inclusive understanding of each other. Only a real friend knows you better and shall give right feedback and that would facilitate to perform better. I have seen so many people who have their urge to dance would first send the video to their close friend and seek advise for improvement. That way every good friend becomes our mentor and able guide to bail out from wrong doings and also appreciated where ever we deserve.
    K Mohan
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    A nice story by the author. An artistic mind can't adjust to routine works and will be happy when they work on their favourite art. The same is brought out very nicely in this story. Very good narration and good presentation.
    always confident

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    A very nice story. A good friend is like a life time treasure. He will always be an invaluable help to us.

    Very lucky people get such good, sincere and kind friends.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    An excellent story from you. I read it with interest.
    @ Please give a link at the end to the contest announcing thread as instructed by the contest author. So that you don't lose your chance of getting selected.

    No life without Sun

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    I am glad you all have enjoyed the story!

    Thank you, Mr. Sun, I have now added the link to the contest entry.

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