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    A friendship that continues forever through letter.

    A friendship that continues for ever through letter.
    (Characteristic - Love & Gift - A permanent everlasting Calender)

    It was a fine Sunday in November 1985. It was 5 p.m. Lalitha from Srilanka's Battikola tuned her transistor to listen the Tamil music programme "The phrase and the songs." The anchor of the programme announced that the present programme was compiled by Mr. Chandran from Chennai. Also, the anchor announced the complete postal address of Chandran. It was a half an hour programme from 5p.m to 5.30 p.m in which seven hit songs were played. Lalitha listened all the songs and was much impressed by the phrase and the songs selected by Mr.Chandran. She wanted to compliment Chandran. She tore out an empty page from her old note book, and wrote a letter to Chandran. At the end of the letter, she asked Chandran to be her friend, and requested to post a reply at the earliest.

    When Chandran received the letter from Lalitha, he was quite impressed with the handwriting of Lalitha. He sent a reply appreciating her love for Tamil songs and for her pearl like Tamil handwriting. He accepted her to be his best friend. The friendship continued through letters.

    In a letter, Lalitha asked for Chandran's birthday and photograph. Chandran wrote his birth day as 29.2.1965 and sent his photograph. Lalitha was waiting for the day 29.2.1986 to greet and send a gift to Chandran. Unfortunately, the day 29.2.1986 was skipped in all calenders. Lalitha laughed herself for not knowing the peculiarity of the month February. She realized that Chandran fooled her with his birth date.This she had mentioned in her letter written in the month of March 1986. Chandran too laughed and replied that it was a joke. And he posted his real Date of birth 28.2.1965. And he gifted her with a special permanent table calendar made of brass plate costing Rs. 500/-. Lalitha was impressed and fell in love with funny man Chandran.

    One day, Chandran received a letter from Lalitha stating that her parents have chosen a bride groom for her, and she was likely to be married soon. Whereas, Lalitha did not want to marry anyone, but Chandran. Chandran wrote,"Sorry Lalitha, I too love you, but my parents too have decided to get me married. I am helpless. When I proposed you to my parents, they said that they wish to have their DIL from Tamilnadu only, not from a foreign land. Anyway, our friendship is eternal. Let us be good friends forever. Let us be in touch with each other forever. Let us be good pen friends forever."

    Later, Lalitha married Mr Rama, and Chandran married Ms Jaya. Lalitha and Chandran openly informed their spouses about their foreign pen friendship. Now both the families are thick friends to each other through letters. Their friendship still continues. They exchange gifts on Friendship day every year.

    @This is my entry for the Friendship story writing contest.
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    It seems very much true what the author say that friends continue to entertain us through interaction by letters which gives room for more thought and prolong the relationship for ever.
    K Mohan
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    A good story. The friendship started by the radio-programme, strengthened by a joke and cemented after the marriages. But, I am a little bit disheartened that an intelligent Tamil girl Lalitha could not capture at the first glance that the year 1965 did not have 29th February in the calendar!
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    At times, the intelligent too fail to understand certain things. Many will not get into calculation when we quote 29 February in a hurry. Here in this story, the love blocked the date. Love is blind, you know.

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