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    Festival of Raksha Bandhan

    Raksha Bandhan is a festival.where the sister and brother give a Raksha Bandhan band and in the return the brother would give gift to his sister.
    The siblings relationship is also like we cannot express it
    It is a sensitive relationship between the sister and brother.
    In this festival the sister and brother relationship will be more strong then others time.
    For one sister her brother is like her bodyguard, superman,hero and everything who tries to protect her in every hurdles.
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    Yes, Raksha Bandhan and Bhratri Dwitya are two festivals which beautifully depict the mutually-depending relationship between brothers and sisters in India.
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    Nice submission from the author. Raksha Bandhan is the festival which is celebrated across the country which guarantees the brother's love and affection to the sister's at any time of life. The bonding of brother and sister cannot be separated even after their individual marriages. Though during the childhood, there may be intense quarrel , face offs and even cheating between them, but when it comes to taking care and belonging, brother is the best bet for a sister. She can be rest assured of greater security when she travel with the brother. That is the highlight of their great relations.
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    Rakshan Bandhan will be celebrated on Shravan Purnima. Tieing Raakhi to the brother is a request from sister to her brother to take care of her whenever needed. When the King Purushottam is going for the war with Alexander, Alexander's girlfriend tied rakhi to Purushottam and asked him in return to save Alexander. In the war Purushottam was about to kill Alexander, he remembered the request fo Ruxana and left him unkilled. Such is the strength of this rakhi. The festival has attained importance these days even in South also. The children of parents should be affectionate and they should help each other whenever they require. When we live together sometimes we may have some misunderstanding but they should not spoil the relations.
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    Rakhi:Raksha Bandhan- A bond of affection and protection.

    I would like to receive the raksha Bandhan bands from all my friends in this forum. But I am little worried about the return gifts!

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