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    Friendship made dreams come true

    Characteristic- Honesty
    Gift- Pre-medical test preparation set
    Remya was sitting in her cabin and suddenly a lady entered with her son. Remya was a pediatrician in a renowned hospital. After diagnosis, the boy wished him "Happy Friendship Day" and left.
    This wish made Remya lost in memories.
    Remya and Payal were childhood friends. They studied in the same school and were doing excellent in their studies.
    They were studying in 10th and were very much focused on studies to score well in exams. They started studying well but gradually Remya got distracted from her studies. Payal got a hint about it when they were discussing some topics. Payal tried to make her understand that she should study well, as this is very important for their future. Remya wanted to become a doctor and Payal was aware of it. Payal reminded her of her dreams and tried to convince her to study well. But Remya was overconfident and was avoiding her studies. Exams were about to start in next few days and now Remya was tensed like anything. She decided to do cheating for the same. She shared her idea with Payal. Her best friend was going on the wrong track. She tried a lot to convince her but all her efforts went in vain. Remya was determined for cheating as according to her, it was the only option to clear the exams.
    Payal decided to save her friend from this wrong deed. She spoke to her teacher. Teacher caught Remya with paper chits even before the question paper distribution and scolded her. Remya appeared in exams but could not cheat and failed.
    This broke her from inside and she lost all her confidence. Payal went to meet her consoled her, she showed her love and affection which was needed at that time. She convinced her to repeat 10th standard again. Remya also promised her that she will try to score well in 10th. She started studying and Payal was also in touch to check her preparations. Although Remya was trying to focus, this failure has brought depression in her life and Payal was trying to help Remya in fighting against that.
    One day in the morning, Remya received the courier. She opened it immediately and found books for medical entrance test preparations. A letter from Payal was there mentioning, "I believe that you can do this and can secure excellent scores in boards. As a token of my belief in you, I am sending these books which you will be studying next year for MBBS entrance exams preparations. We never celebrated friendship day but I selected this day to wish friendship day because just like air is everywhere but we need fans to feel it, God is everywhere but we need temples to feel his presence, we need to celebrate friendship day to feel how important it is to have friends.
    Happy Friendship Day Remya!
    Entry of another patient brought her back to her cabin.
    This is my entry for A Friendship Day contest to rejuvenate the bond with your friends
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    The story tells about how the dream of becoming a doctor has been made true, thanks to the remembrance and timely help of the great friend, That is why a friend in need is the friend in deed.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Good story from you. I really enjoyed your friendship story. Keep it up.

    No life without Sun

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    Thank you Mohan Sir for reading and analyzing my story.
    Thank you, Sun for nice comments.


    Living & Learning- simultaneous processes!

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    A story mentioning how a friend helped a girl in getting fulfilled her wish of becoming a doctor. The confidence the friend brought in the girl and made him successful is very nicely narrated.
    always confident

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