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    When a small child paves way for his grand father with his small fingers holding to the stick

    Normally we have seen the elders especially the grand mother or the grand father holding the grand children either on their lap and slowly making them to walk on the road catching their hands firmly. But today I have seen one tiny kid holding the other side of the grand father stick and showing the way to clear the road and every one was watching the scene with amusement as to how the child was caring for the grand father and stopping the traffic to pave the way. Really my thoughts ran backward as I failed to see my grand father.
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    The affection between a grandchild and the grandparent will be very high. They care about each other more. My granddaughter jumps from her mother's lap, the moment she sees me. Early in the morning before I go to my office I have to spend definitely some time with her. In the evening again she will not leave me after I came back from my office.
    This is very nice that the grandson taking care of his grandfather to cross the road without any difficulty.

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    Children love their grand parents than their parents. The grandpa and grandma are the people who remain at home and take care of their grand children. They tell them moral stories; guide them rightly; tell their experiences in their life; and care them with affection and love. Hence, when the children grow, they take care of their good old grand parents.
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