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    We might have gone through worst past, that does not mean we are denied best in future.

    There are people who get down and sulking even at their first failure or setback. There are people who would reconcile themselves and move ahead and confront with series of setbacks and leave behind the worst pasts. But great are those who have the firm belief that worst pasts cannot deny the good future. It may be a temporary setback, but the things would move towards a peaceful and secured life. If that belief is there in abundance, nothing can stop you from achieving the success from the jaws of near defeat. Any comment ?
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    A human being must be optimistic. We should never get disheartened by the failures and we should hope for success in the future. We should learn from our failures and work in the future for success. Failures are the stepping stones for the success. Some people always think about their failures and take corrective steps to avoid failures in the coming days. They will learn from their mistakes and they will definitely manage their future better. A person who suffered in their early age will definitely have a good time in their next ages.
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    I only quote PB Shelley here: "O, wind, if winter comes, can spring be far behind." People must go on striving till spring arrives in their life.
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    I agree with Srivinivasa Rao that those who gone through the ordeal of life are rest assured of good and contended living in future.
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    It's true that there is a blossoming spring after the pale winter. There is a bright day after the dark night. So, we always have something good waiting for us after a bad. We don't have to get desappointed after the first failure.

    We should be strong enough to analyse what went wrong and learn from this experience and move on untill we reach the success.

    There are lot many opportunities around us and if you lose one, there are better opportunities waiting for us.

    We should only focus on the target and work hard to reach there and we will definitely succeed.

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