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    All of them must be given same/similar punishment

    Kiki challenge! This mindless game asks people to perform dangerous stunts on the roads or railway tracks and post videos of such stunts. Three young men, Nishant Shah (20), Dhruv Shah (23) and Shyam Sharma (24; a television serial actor). performed these stunts on trains and posted the video. The video of the dangerous stunts have been a hit and saw 1.4 million views on YouTube.

    The RPF also took the challenge, tracked down these three men and produced them before a railway court. The court ordered them to undertake cleanliness work at a railway station for three days as punishment.

    I support the order of the court and seek similar punishment for all who take this mindless challenge. Steps must be taken to stop this dangerous game before it takes some lives.
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    I am also perturbed with the youth getting diverted to such actions in the name of challenge which pose danger to their very life. In this on going Kiki challenge and one Telugu actress also done the dancing while the car was moving and why the cop has not yet arrested in spite of she is the popular figure and can be traced. I appreciate the RPF for identifying the erring boys who done the kiki challenge and has even made to clean the railway station as the punishment to their act. But that does not deter others who are still doing this so called challenge and then caught by the law sooner or alter.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    These are the people who never care for rules and regulations. They take risk and put others also at risk. Railway Police Force has done well in giving punishment to such erring people. But Police should arrest the people who are announcing such challenges and putting the lives of the people at risk.The parents should take care of their children and see that they will not indulge themselves in such risks in the name of challenges and never get into such problems.
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