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    Helping hands strengthens the bond of friendship

    (Characteristic: Helping behavior; Gift item: A handkerchief)

    On friendship day, Kiran's school and college friends gathered at Kiran's house for a mini get-together party. They all celebrated the party with cake cutting, fun-filled games and events. Also, they exchanged gifts and tied friendship bands in their hands as a token of friendship. On seeing the happiness in the face of the young boys, Kiran's Grandfather Shankar, a 72 years old man called Kiran and enquired about his sudden get-together party at their home. Kiran explained Shankar that they are celebrating friendship day. Shankar was puzzled because their generation hasn't celebrated any such days to cherish their friendships. After the party was over, Kiran went to his grandfather's room and showed the friendship day gifts he received from his friends.

    On seeing the gifts, Shankar's face turned dull. Kiran noticed the change in his grandfather's face and asked for a reason. Shankar shared a story about his childhood friend to his grandson.

    When I was studying in my grade 4 at Municipal Hr.Sec.School in my native, a student named Vikram joined our class in the middle after our quarterly examinations, because of his father's transfer. One day while we were playing in P.E.T period, my shirt was torn. We were in poverty and my parents did not have money to buy me a new shirt, so I stitched my torn shirt and went wearing it to school. My friends teased me for wearing a torn shirt. I was very upset, but my classmate Vikram spent his savings money and bought me a new shirt. When he gave the shirt to me, I hesitated and refused to get it. "Shankar, wear this shirt if I am your friend," said Vikram. I wore that shirt and took his friendship into my heart. We transformed from classmates to close friends.

    While we were in grade 7, Vikram's father had to take up a transfer and Vikram was about to leave the school. I cried a lot on that day. Wiping my tears with his kerchief Vikram said, "Shankar, right now I have nothing with me other than this kerchief. So, accept this red handkerchief as a gift. Whenever you are in tears, use this kerchief. Even if I am not with you, my kerchief will act as a helping hand to wipe your tears and will remind my presence to you" and left. That was the last day I saw him. I searched him for years but I was unable to find my dear friend, cried Shankar.

    Kiran immediately opened his grandfather's cupboard and searched for that red kerchief and wiped his grandfather's tears with his friend's kerchief.

    "Dear Kiran, always be a helping hand and help your friends whenever they are in need. That is the symbol of true friendship. Also, never forget the help done by your friends until your last breath." advised Shankar holding the red kerchief tightly in his trembling hands. Kiran nodded and considered his grandfather's advice on friendship as his best friendship day gift.

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    Helping hands bring the relations much closer and that turns into greater friendship of future and help should be without any pre-conditions or the riders.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I really enjoyed your well written story. But I wish to tell you something here. In our real life, kerchief(s) should never be presented to anyone as a gift. Kerchief(s) should be bought and used. Gifting kerchief to someone will bring a break in relationship or friendship. Just Read this thread to know this interesting subject.
    This is the main reason why Mr. Shankar could not meet Mr. Vikram forever, in your story. Thus the story matches with the belief that we should not present kerchieves to anyone.

    No life without Sun

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    A friend in need is the friend indeed. This is a very well known proverb. Vikram proved himself that he is a friend in need and hence Shankar and Vikram became good friends. Vikram helped Shankar when he really needed the help. So he remembered him forever. We should never forget the friends who helped us and we should also help our friends when they are in need. That is how you can reciprocate your gratitude to others. You may not be able to help the same friend but you can help another friend who is need of some help.
    always confident

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    Mr. Sun,
    Your logic sounds interesting! Yes, I too have heard about this old superstitious belief. In reality, many of us are not in touch with our childhood friends. Hardly very few maintain their childhood friendship till the end. Due to various circumstances, life takes us in a different direction and some of our childhood friends live only in our memories. In my belief, destiny might have separated Vikram and Shankar. But even though Vikram is not with Shankar, at least his kerchief is there to wipe Shankar's tears. Shankar has not forgotten the help done by his friend, so the name Vikram will be carved in Shankar's heart forever.

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    An excellent story. The story has clearly pointed out that true friendship does not depend upon a costly gift. I am very much impressed.

    So, far as the belief regarding gifting of a handkerchief is concerned, I have also heard it, but don't want to comment upon this.

    Come as you are!

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    Your friendship story impressed me a lot. A costly or chief gifts never occupies a place.a friend gift is place in the heart. red handkerchief, shirt took the nice role. In my belief friendship always a friend in need is the friend indeed.

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