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    Aspirations of a true friendship

    (In this story Jatish is a sincere computer engineer and Ankit, is an admin in an institute. Both of them are very honest and want to start their own business. Jatish is travelling from Kolkata to Darjeeling by bus to conduct an assessment test there. The gift is a Flower Vase.)

    Jatish was looking in the Google map to find the exact location of the institute in Darjeeling and suddenly he got a call from the institute where he is going to conduct the assessment. A person named, Ankit called him up to enquire about Jatish's whereabouts because it is getting almost late. Jatish answered the call and told Ankit his position, after which Ankit quietly disconnected the phone. There was anxiousness in Ankit's voice, Jatish understood that and was feeling little upset because he is very punctual otherwise and this time he couldn't make it in time because of the unavoidable situation on the road. It's still 30 minute's journey to the bus terminus and from there he will take a car to reach the institute, but it took more time to reach the terminus and in between he got two more calls from Ankit. Jatish knows how the admin of an institute feels if the examination starts much later than the scheduled time.

    The exam started almost one hour later and continued till the afternoon. During lunch, Jatish and Ankit discussed many things, both of them wanted to start a business and both have an interest in tourism. They became good friends. After completing all the process Jatish was about to leave the institute but Ankit called him in his room. Jatish went inside and Ankit gifted him a wonderful flower vase. He hugged Ankit and thanked him.

    Jatish returned to Kolkata and became busy with his usual schedules. He didn't have enough time to think for the business but called Ankit few times and exchanged pleasantries. The flower vase was neatly placed in the wall cabinet just above his working table and he admired this nice gift from Ankit. Things were going as usual, a year passed by and one day Jatish was looking at the flower vase very curiously, suddenly he remembered that the next day is friendship day and jumped up in joy by thinking about Ankit. He need to surprise Ankit this time, so thought of going out tomorrow early morning to meet him.

    He woke up early in the morning and after freshening up when he was just about to go out the door bell rang. He opened the door and was surprised to find Ankit standing there. It's just about a year ago he met Ankit and Ankit came all the way from Darjeeling to meet him in Kolkata on Friendship Day. He was a bit confused and welcomed Ankit inside. This time Ankit came with the surprise, he told Jatish that he found a place to start the tourism business they planned earlier, he told Jatish to be his partner in this business and showed him all the pictures and plans in details. Jatish lost his words and silently sat down. Jatish didn't plan anything for this business but Ankit remembered everything and planned accordingly. Within this small period only a true friend can understand each other's aspiration.

    Entry to Friendship Day Contest
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    The author made a good attempt by showing how a good friend will take the things seriously we discuss with him and how he will see that they will get materialised. A good thought and well explained. Good story.
    always confident

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    This thread coincides with famed proverb that a Friend in need is the friend in deed. Yes a good friend is one who understands all about you and still likes you. He is called best friend, because he will be with you in good and bad times. Normal friends would shy away when you report problems or favor from them, but a real friend is one who wont deter to help further even without asking for favor. Good friend always understand the need of the hour and act accordingly which gives greater relief to other person for who such friends are really gifted one. That is why we cannot part good friends.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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