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    Sornam Aunty and her unconditional love

    It is superb to have someone who is so honest, selfless and so humble as a friend for life. More so, if he or she is a neighbor. Over a period of time that person becomes so much part of us. We tend to believe that life is incomplete without such a person.

    In the seventeen years of my life, right from the age of three, I was literally brought up by one Sornam aunty, a neighbor. She would carry me on her arms even when I was three. I would tell me all stories about Ramayanam and Mahabharatham. Since her husband was also working in the same BHEL, as my father, it was literally this aunt who was so much of a huge influence in my life.

    Every single cousin, every single member of her family, was known to me. She would literally manage all the cooking when my mother was unwell, she will run around in all functions, she would never ever utter a single word against anybody. None would dare to that, though.

    Today, Sornam aunty is old and is nearing seventy five years. Yet, I bump into her house at will and get her to do the Kerala style vegetable biriyani for me. She would do that happily. Life goes on but such a person who taught me so many good things about life, about honesty, about integrity, and about never cheating anyone, is a role model par excellence.

    Yes, to say she is a friend is an under-statement. She is the epitome of what we call selfless love and affection. What more can friendship stand for?

    For me, every single moment I talk to her, every single moment I recollect all those lovely days, is far more than any Friendship Day. Any day, any time.
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    It is a very nice story. In my childhood in our village, we were having an aunt who used to spend a lot of time by doing service to the people. She lost her husband in her very young age and she was staying with her parents in our village. She used to help my mother also in her works. I remembered her when I read this story. Sometimes when my mother was busy with her work in the kitchen my aunt used to make us ready and she even used to come up to our school to drop me and my sister in the school. She used to daily come in the morning and help my mother.
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    An excellent story, nay, a beautiful narration about a neighbour who was more than a relative. During the bygone days, these neighbours also helped to develop our personality. Nowadays, these neighbours are also disappearing slowly.
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    This is my entry for the Friendship Day contest

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    Mr. ABSivakumar,
    #645180. Sorry to tell you that your well written friendship story doesn't meet the requirements. This story may not get selected for the following reasons.

    1. The title doesn't have the word 'Friendship'.
    2. You should have indicated the Characteristic and a gift item in the beginning.
    3. There is no mention about a gift item inside the story.
    4. You have not provided a link at the end to the contest announcing thread.
    5. The story is short in length (Less than 350 words)

    Kindly do the needful, if you can. The deadline(12 Aug) to submit the story is over now.

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    Deleted being duplicate.
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    Thank you Sir. I guess I missed reading the essentials. Shall be very careful next time. In this Vellore district the BSNL internet always plays hide and seek. I was not able to see your advise in time. Nevertheless, thanks a lot for the nice words of appreciation. Even when am reminded of all those lovely times, the wave of happiness that gushes in me cannot be described in words. Yes, today she is 75 years old. I would be visiting Sornam Aunty shortly. However, I do realize that all times have changed. It is extremely rare as Partho Sir has pointed out, to even see such people. Cant find even one in one hundred, I guess. This younger generation have already lost those kinds of values, am sure, in toto. We are in the worst of times when commercial considerations have started clouding every single relationship,even between brothers and sisters. We tend to show off every now and then.

    To stay aloof from this din, this rat race, is never ever possible. It is all the good memories of all those good times that will help us at least forget what crap we get to see. As they say in Tamil, ninaivalaigal. Its the waves of memories.

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