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    A journey on the Friendship Day

    Characteristics: Being a Critic (Critical)
    Gift item: A toy speaking Parrot

    Two couples were traveling from Bengaluru to Mumbai by train on the friendship day. They were Nitin-Natasha with their 9 years old daughter Ayushi and Santosh-Sarita with their 10-year-old daughter Vijeta.

    On seeing friendship bands tied on Vijetas hand Nitin could not stop himself asking.

    Nitin: "So she likes friendship day?"

    Yes, Santosh replied. Even I do. And you?

    Nitin: "No! I feel this friendship and friendship day are useless. Why do you need a particular day to remember friends? Its just a matter of show off and everything is same as before the next day."

    Santosh was eager to know the reason behind Nitin's perception but it seemed Nitin was reluctant to answer. But Natasha further explained that Nitin had a good school friend with whom he lost terms later when they were in class 10th as off late his friend had started criticizing him. Nitin hated critics around.

    Santosh: "So you have been wounded by friendship! But why did your friend criticize you?"

    Nitin: "Just because I had shifted my focus from studies to partying, roaming and enjoying life".

    Santosh was lost. Sarita then explained to Nitin that Santosh had a similar school friend who left him as Santosh too was critical about his negligence towards studies.

    Santosh: "You know a friendship is the most neglected relationship in this world. When the friends part they make tall promises to be in touch, meet again but this seldom happens. We have time for our family and relatives but friends are often last in our priority list. Hence I feel Friendship Day is a day which gives us an opportunity to reserve our time for friends.
    Being a critic is the most important quality of a true friend. A friend should not be one who should blindly appreciate."

    Santosh: "By the way what was your friends and school name?"
    (So far there had been no introduction by names)

    Nitin: "His name was Santosh Sawant from St Anthony's school, Nasik."

    Santosh: "What? I am myself Santosh Samant from St Anthonys, Nasik. Are you
    Nitin Shukla?"

    Nitin (unbelievingly): "Yes true".

    Both of them embraced each other and their wives and daughter were all in smiles.

    Old friendship was rediscovered during the journey on the "Friendship Day".

    Santosh: "So you took my advice subconsciously and treated studies seriously and became a successful man, right?"

    Nitin smiled and nodded.

    The Train was now about to reach Mumbai.

    Santosh: "Why don't we reschedule our return tickets to Bengaluru together so that we get to spend some time together? "

    Tickets got rescheduled. A week later during the return journey, Santosh took out a wrapped gift box and gave it to Nitin as a belated friendship day gift.

    The gift was a "Toy Speaking Parrot "with voice recording facility. The parrot spoke up "Not right dear. Improve yourself. I am your critic friend". It was Santosh's recorded voice.

    Without many serious talks further, the families had an enjoyable time together on their return journey.

    Entry for the friendship day-Story Contest
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    It happened to me. We can make good friends while travelling long distance by train, as we have ample time to exchange pleasantries and know about each very well. In this story the return journey again in the company of same friends as once again highlighted the deep bonding of friendship when the understanding between the two couples goes hand and hand, What I feel that this new friendship is going to stay longer as there would be further visits and revisits between the two couples as the children of them might have also had great understanding and that is the need of the hour these days.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The school friends who parted got united after many long years during a train journey. A good friendship story from you, Mr. Vij. Quite impressed.
    No life without Sun

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    Good story. School friends met together on a train journey and they spent some time together as they met after a long time. The meeting took place on the day of friendship day. It may be a coincidence but good to remember.
    always confident

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