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    How do you deal with fatigue and stress and rejuvenate yourself ?

    We are doing things day in day out as if we are all part of a universal machine running to keep pace with set time. Routine work is fine but some days are a drag and how we wish we finish our chores and relax.
    Then sit on the balcony with a mug of hot coffee and a nice book. Play your favorite songs and sing along. There are umpteen ways to unwind. My favorite way to rejuvenate myself is to travel. The duration and the destination aren't that important but a change of scene really breaks the monotony for me and refreshes me.

    What are your ways to unwind? What refreshes you completely again ?
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    When we do the works in routine, we tend to get bored, which leads to fatigue , stress and above all the interest to do the work will be lost. For example if you are driving to your office , try other routes instead of same route, surely you wont get bored or fatigue sets in. While returning home also either accompany with some one or take alternate route to reach home. Why because those who are working in IT companies, they used to travel a lot and that is very taxing on their performance at the office. Or while travel just take a power nap which always freshen up your work ability at the office. And listening to the music is one more way of killing the boredom and that if it is a instrumental music, surely you are going to have good mood. Or opt for listening to good jokes already available on the net and thus forget the stress.
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    Here is what I do –

    I do not allow situations to control me. Why stress over something that is not under my control. If I can change the circumstances I work at doing so, otherwise, I just flow with the tide and wait for things to get resolved.

    I do not carry baggage. I do not allow myself to continue living in a situation when I am no longer in that situation. This means I hold no grudges, I allow bygones to be bygones and don't allow things to fester. We should all practice this, it is required for our mental and emotional health.

    I enjoy whatever I undertake. Instead of cribbing and cursing, I allow myself to become enriched by the experiences and challenges I face. I have to do it in any case, there is no escaping, might as well enjoy it, instead of getting stressed.

    I prioritise myself. There is always 'me time' scheduled in my 24-hour calendar. I start my day, alone in the balcony, as described here, and follow it with time spent reading the newspaper, listening to some hymns and other music, and chatting with my husband. And I end my day with a book.

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    My job is very stressful. Stress is a part and parcel of my job profile. Myself and my team are now almost habituated to work under stress. But when the stress goes above my tolerance level, I read something which comes under my favourite list. If I am unable to read, I take a nap. Earlier I used to travel a lot. Now I generally don't travel.
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    Those days are over. These days there is no stress or strain. I am the master of what I have to do these days. It takes very less time to complete the work. Maybe due to the work quantum is less or then experience I have in handling more tasks and more difficult things, I am feeling that I am very less occupied. I spend my time either on my laptop or with my granddaughter.
    If any time I feel tension or stress, I will just open a book and go on reading for some time so that I will get relaxed and I will be normal. Book reading gives me a lot of happiness and joy. I was travelling a lot earlier. But these I am trying to avoid it. I am going on travel only when it is a must only. My local travel within Hyderabad itself is very high. I spend a lot of time in the vehicle. So I don't want to spend further time travelling.

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    I also lead an active social life and meet up regularly with family and friends. Social interactions are a must, they have immense healing power.

    I also take breaks from my schedule and go on long weekend trips with friends. My husband and I also schedule an annual holiday, each year. Our daughter used to accompany us when she was in India, but now we go on holidays alone, discovering India.

    We also dine out, at least once a week.

    It is important to enjoy life too. Enjoy the money that you work very hard to earn. I believe in spending some of the money that I make, on myself. I do not believe in saving and investing everything that I earn.

    The kind of lifestyle that we create for yourself matters in how we deal with stress and fatigue. It is so easy to get trapped in the rat race that we end up neglecting ourselves. It is important to prioritise oneself, it shifts us into a 'happy place', it is very calming, - and we function better when we are content.

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    Managing stress is a problem at times, but stress has a connection with our own choices. If somebody is very choosy, then to do something she/he doesn't like will increase the stress. Suppose somebody doesn't like to cook, but if circumstances made that person to cook then stress will be felt.

    If somebody enjoys any kind of work, be it at office or home, she/he will wholeheartedly complete it without complaining. Every work has a particular process and following that process everyday becomes monotonous. If we try to evolve some other process to do the same thing then we can alternately change the process to make it little interesting.

    During any work schedule, break is a must and it always helps us to rejuvenate. I personally close my eyes and take a couple of deep breaths, it works well to relax myself. I also listen to very soothing instrumentals to revive myself.


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