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    Hot water or normal water, which is good for a healthy bath?

    Many of us will have a bath at least two times a day. Some people prefer normal water to have the bath. Some people will go for hot water.
    During the summer we feel like using normal water only for the bath. But in winter and rainy season we feel like having hot water for our bath.
    Anyhow, my question here is whether it is better to use normal water for a bath than the hot water or the other way round as far as our overall health is concerned. Learned members may share their thoughts on this aspect.
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    As a child - Warm water. The water should not be too cold or too hot.
    As a youth - Available water. No hot water except when sick. If sick, use lukewarm water.
    As an old - Use cold water during summer, and hot water during winter.
    As a sick - Use lukewarm water.

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    Those who are having heat body, they can go for cold water bathing. But for many cold water bathing wont suit as overnight the water tanks kept above the roof gets much colder and thus cannot be used for bathing in the morning. Many thus wants to bathe in the afternoon so that the water tanker get heated up due to sunlight and the water comes through pipe like also comes hot. But those who are habituated to hot water and if they try cold water once in a while, it will tell upon their health for sure. It all depends on body temperature which would decide whether it can accept hot water or cold water to bathe.
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    Ayurveda advise to use warm water when one is having some health problem. Common fever, indigestion, muscle pain, head ache, feeling tired, cool atmosphere, winter season - under all these conditions warm water is advised.
    Under normal conditions cold water is the best. If a river or brook is available in the locality take bath in that, which is always better for health. Generally flowing water is preferred. Ayurveda also recommend not to take bath when the stomach is full. Also when one is sweating don't take bath. Wait until the sweat is dried.


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    As per me, we can go ahead anything which makes us comfortable. In this sense, the water shouldn't be too hot or too cold. If you are two tired or having seating then have a rest before going for a bath. In case if you are not feeling well then it would be a good suggestion to have directives from the doctor's end.

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    Cold water can damage our skin. But it can easily keep your breathing in check. This will help you secrete more mucous defending bacteria and other pathogens. That is why ancients thought that cold water increases immunity. That doesn't mean that hot water isn't good. For cleansing purpose nothing can beat hot water because dirt easily dissolves.

    So satisfaction is easy to obtain by hot water.
    But cold water shouldn't be too cold. Water too cold can easily damage your skin and send your heart into shock.

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    In my opinion the lukewarm water is a good option as it does not affect the body especially those people who have in general a slightly higher temperatures in their body.

    Using lukewarm water even in summers is all right as it helps cleansing the pores of skin for the accumulated salts which have deposited on the skin due to sweating.

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    There are different propositions in Ayurveda regarding bathing in cold and hot water. It depends on age, habit, disease etc. But in general it is said that use cold water for the head and warm water for the body.

    For very young children and old persons it is always advisable to use warm water. Use of warm or cold water also depends on the health condition of the individual. If she/he has a tendency to common cold, joint pains then use warm water. If the person suffers from liver related issues or indigestion, it is better to use cold water. Going by all these things it seems lukewarm water for bathing is the best solution.


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