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    What is the minimum which we can do for our country?

    We are either small businessmen or drawing a small monthly salary or whatever, we always try to find excuses and say that we are finding it difficult to do something useful for our country. But is that really the fact? I don't feel so. The best way is to start from the ground level and do your best to clean up the area around you or at least show respect to the resources around you. As an example for the first instance, please do carry your own bags while going to the market so as not to demand polythene bags from the vendors as they are creating chaos of dirt all over. As for the second instance, please don't damage public properties and have an understanding with others so as to create a friendly environment around us. Similarly, there are so many small contributions we can make to the welfare and development of our nation. Please do remember that small steps will lead to big results.

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    Yes every one are duty bound to keep the environment and surroundings clean, If we cannot keep clean, we can at least allow others to do so. Whenever you find people defacing the national structures with their names and symbols please advise not to do so. Likewise do not spit on the roads, nor allow others to do so. Do not chew beetle nut powder, Gutka and other tobacco products and spit on the roads which create stains. Do not write anything inside the Railway compartment toilets. These are the small things which every can follow and thus keep the things clean and appreciable,
    K Mohan
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    I always deliver my speech on 15 August and 26 January as an in-charge principal of the school. I forced the students and teachers to do your work honestly. It is the biggest thing which we can do for our country. If every person will do his work honestly no one can prevent India to be a developed country. If you are students you must learn and try to understand every concept clearly. If you are a teacher try to work honestly and teach your students moral education along with syllabus.
    If you are businessmen try to follow the constitution and pay your tax honestly. So, in short I want to call that we should work honestly according to constitution. It is the biggest thing which our country wants from us.

    Honesty is the best policy.

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    As a citizen of India paying tax in time for the correct amount earned is the best service I am doing to the country now. Similarly, all the people who have to pay tax should pay and should not avoid tax paying. This is the greatest thing one can do to the Nation for the prosperity of the country. Another important help we can do to the country is demanding receipts and bills for all purchases. That will make the vendor pay tax to the government which will also help in the progress of the country.
    Another point we can follow is don't spoil the government property. If you spoil it you are losing your own money. Government is your's only. This fact is to be always remembered by all. Keep up the environment. Don't smoke in the public so that your neighbour will not get affected.
    All these are the points what an individual can do the nation.

    always confident

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    Dear All,
    Be a disciplined citizen of India. That is the best service, and that is the minimum that you can do for your country. Be sincere in your deals and deeds. Always speak truth. Never try to cheat others. Obey the law of your land. Respect your elders. Be good to yourself and your family.

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