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    Do you feel jealous about others progress or wish them further from your heart ?

    Normally it is the human tendency that we feel jealous about others progress. Though some may not show on the face, but their body language do suggests that they are unhappy with others progress. And some are really open minded and they think that others progress also gets them the solace of having achieved something in life and wishes them win situation in future too. Expressing jealous is one way the inability to compete and prove the profess to the world. If that is the case one cannot survive in this turf competition world. What is your say ?
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    If I admit than during the earlier times I used to have such reactions but now I don't feel any such things within me. Now I am getting more inclined towards the spiritual path with keep on with the efforts that I can do & then for the rest I leave up to the decisions of the supreme lord. In a way I don't have any other choice left but to keep up with this. This makes me feel great from within.

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    Good submission by Ved. Those who are in spiritual path wont give credence to others progress nor feel jealous.
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    We should not feel jealous by seeing others progress. We should take it as a challenge and we should try to overtake them or at least equal them. That will be the real spirit. If we start feeling jealous we can't concentrate on our work and we will go down further. Instead of thinking about others progress negatively thinking positively and trying to achieve by trying our best will be the correct attitude. There are people who lost everything feeling jealous of the others.
    Duryodhana felt jealous when he has seen the Mayasabha of Pandavas. That is the starting point of his decline. Sakuni took it as an advantage and made him more jealous. Then Duryodhana went as per the suggestions of Sakuni and lost everything and died in the war. So Jealousy is never advisable.

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    Frankly speaking, no, never. I can say that I have never been jealous of other's achievement, but I have always tried to appreciate, and acknowledge. But, at the same time, I never try to blindly emulate the achiever. This is one of my very few positive qualities.
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    The problem with many people is they always compare their success to that of others. In this way jealousy comes automatically, when someone find other people have done well compared to her/him. The competition turns into greed for earning more money and fame and thus the harmony within the person is completely lost.

    Personally I never felt jealous to anyone's progress and always appreciated the efforts they put in to achieve that goal. If we all can do our own work seriously and follow the correct process to do it without being concerned about other's success then definitely we all can achieve a good result.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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