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    BJP embarking on public contact program on massive scale.

    Probably no party has ever thought about this idea that every big leader of the BJP is now a days visiting the important people of the town or the city , thereby emphasizing the need to elect the party once again by listing out the achievements made so far. Such close contacts program were not undertaken by any party so far. What we normally experienced that after having our votes, the corporator, MLA and MP go missing and wont even recognize us even if we visit them for any redress of problem. So we have to welcome the initiative of BJP.
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    The BJP people started meeting the important people to get votes only by telling the progress they made so far. Instead of this, they might have met the important people once in a year or so and they might have briefed the progress. That might have had a better impact than this. Anyhow it is good that an attempt is being made by these people what is to be welcomed by all.
    This will have some positive impact on the educated voters especially in the urban area and they may go in favour of BJP. The other party people also should come out and meet people and discuss with them so that will also make a positive impact on the voters.

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    It's a good initiative and is necessary to be in touch with important people. If they can be in touch with the masses on a regular basis, say bi-monthly or quarterly, then it will have much more intense effect to garner votes.

    The CPI -M ruled West Bengal for more than 30 years and they were the master at keeping in touch with the masses. Much later they started collecting donations in different pretexts and also interfered in people's everyday affairs, which in turn affected their position in people's minds. If the BJP can make use of this public contact program to help out people irrespective of their political colours then they will be able to acquire a good support base.


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    Here BJP is meeting the leaders of that particular town or village thereby enlisting support to the party.
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