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    Why are baboons raising feral dogs?

    In Eastern African villages, baboon monkeys kidnap the stray dogs they find at dumps and raise them as pets. The video is available on YouTube and it is mind-numbing. The earliest known evidence of domestication by humans come from the remains of dogs some 10,000 years ago. But these distant cousins of ours are doing the very same thing.

    These baboons kidnap the puppies, by fiercely dragging them away from their parents and since then the pups live as a member of the troop of baboons. Now primates like baboons have a male driven herd where only a single alpha male rules over a harem. But existence of male dogs alongside monkeys show that monkeys have accepted them as pets. These dogs eat, sleep and play with monkeys. They even raise monkey babies like their own. It is seen that these pet dogs of baboons save them from other dogs. We all know that monkeys and dogs don't get along so well.

    Then what could have caused this weird relationship, where an enemy becomes a friend? These primates are showing us that other primates are actually much more like us. What more could these interesting primates be capable of?
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    Wow Baboons raising the stolen pets ? It is the exact contrast of nature where the enemy is giving shelter to enemy. This is one more example of extreme existence with harmony.
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    Aditya, it would have been better if you had checked the veracity of the video you are referring to. I don't think that there is any proof to the assumption that ferals are raised as pets by the baboons. They may be sharing the same space and may be living in harmony due to different reasons but to say that dogs are raised as pets seems to be too far-fetching. Moreover, the video you are referring to appears to be quite old. Can you clarify?
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    We all know that dogs and monkeys don't go well. I have seen many times they fight each other. So it is very astonishing to know that the monkeys are taking care of puppies. Very nice to hear that. The video to which the author is referring has not been viewed by me. If there are any other pieces of evidence in addition to the video they can also be mentioned here so that the matter will become very clear to all the readers.
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    This is the video I'm referring to.
    The description says its from a documentary "Animals like us". And my ears seem to recognise that voice of the narrator as one of National Geographic's narrators. So to some extent we can learn if the news is legit.
    We clearly see that baboons are grooming these dogs which is thoroughly surprising because only family members and fellow primates get such treatment. These pet dogs are found fiercely defending the baboons too by the biologists studying them.

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