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    A good initiative to revive the dying art of Handwriting.

    Handwriting is an art. Many people have a fantastic handwriting, they get the appreciation for the same. Others try to copy their style by practising it on a regular basis. Some people have illegible handwriting too due to which they might have scored poor marks in exams during childhood.

    They say practice makes a man perfect, but I think that didn't work for me because I practiced a lot of handwriting during my student life but it remained almost the same. Nowadays, at times even I can't understand the words that I had written the other day.

    Recently a club in my locality organized a handwriting competition. Students of different age groups participated and wrote wonderful essays. I had a talk with some of the organizers of this handwriting competition and they said that nowadays students do not practice handwriting at all, they remain busy writing with different word processing software and take the help of spelling and grammatical correction options in that software itself thus making them very much prone to error in reality. This is true, nowadays we also write words in a very short form to save time and space while sending text messages.

    According to the organizers' opinion, they wish to continue with this competition to revive the dying art of handwriting. A good effort, indeed. What do you feel?
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    Thanks to the author for sharing this information. Indeed good handwriting is a dying art. In earlier days many people used to practise writing in certificates. People used to learn calligraphy and various other art forms for good handwriting. Over the years, guardians don't pay much importance on handwriting. With the increasing popularity of computers, people are slowly forgetting even to write.

    In these circumstances, I welcome the effort being made by the local club.

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    Good initiative on the part of the organizers to conduct handwriting competition among all age groups and that has become must for every one. Take for instance, I have stopped writing on the paper since 1985 when I was in Delhi and interacting with my parents and friends through letters. Now we are habituated with e mail and chatting through social media to which we need not follow the grammar and even use short words. In that process we have totally forgotten the hand writing and I fear if I go to the bank , my signature may also be forgotten and may vary if asked to submit new one. And if we practice hand writing daily there can be two uses , that we can bring out fineness in writing legibly and also come across correcting ourselves with the spell mistakes which normally happens while writing manually. Hope every one voluntarily starts writing on piece of paper from today itself,
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    That is true. With the advent of computers and smartphones, people are forgetting writing. With the advent of the digital signature, there is no necessity of signing also. Now the money is transferred online. So there is no necessity of writing forms or cheques and signing. Even the examinations are online these days. There also there is no necessity of writing.
    During my school days, we used to write a lot. Copybooks and handwriting books were there. Every day we have to write and get it corrected by the teacher. The teachers used to appreciate the students whose handwriting is good. If anybody's handwriting is not good they used to say you will become a doctor jokingly.
    Really handwriting is a diminishing art only. So we should appreciate the club which has initiated a competition for handwriting and this type of competitions are always good for the improvement.

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    I sincerely appreciate the organizers for realizing the importance of handwriting. I hope their efforts will not go in vain. With the advent of mobiles and computers and the social media and other related apps, it is very difficult to find a youngster who can write legibly at a convincing speed with least number of mistakes. Writing itself is an art and to have a good handwriting is, I think, a blessing. We have started relying so much on the internet for almost everything and I won't be surprised if one starts searching the Google when his address is asked. Enjoy your electronic gadgets and the facilities they offer but do find some time to use your pen and paper (other than for writing notes or exams) so that you don't forget how to write.
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