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    How did purses and ladies handbags evolve?

    Since the time people started having their personal belongings, they have tried to develop something where they can keep their own small belongings safely, especially at the time of travel. From this necessity, pouches made of fabric came into existence. Both males and females started using pouches. They used to keep these pouches inside their dresses. The purses made from leather or fur were developed later, most probably during the thirteenth century.

    The present form of ladies handbags came into existence much later, during the nineteenth century. Shoulder bags were introduced very recently, during the Second Wrld War.

    Nowadays some ladies handbags cost more than 1.4 million US dollars (don't get excited)! Some purses cost more than Rs. 3,000/- in India. While purchasing these items, does anyone imagine about the humble beginning of purses and handbags?
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    My father never had a money purse, but I have. My mother did not have a handbag, but my wife has. My father did not have a suitcase, but I have. My mother did not have a vanity bag, but my sister has. So, In India, the purse and handbag must have arrived after the Independence only.
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    Yes for the ladies purses and hand bags are the status symbol and go in sync with their daily wear and the purses are also changed as per the matching of dress. Most of the purses carry their daily requirements and without a hand bag , a lady seems to be incomplete. After reading the history of how the purses has appeared over the period of time I was really stunned with its evolution path. I think the craze for purse and hand bags is present only in Indians and foreigners wont give credence to purse. And believe it or not if one goes to Charminar area a decent hand bag with great design can be fetched for 200 rupees itself. And coming to the point of gents having their money purse. I have the habit of carrying the purse which contains all the credit cards, ATM cards and money and that must accompany with me wherever I go.
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    That is an amazing chronological history of the handbag. I never gave it much thought because I grew up with the women in my life carrying them. Both my grandmothers carried handbags, as did my mother and aunts. In fact, my mother also had some beautiful zardozi and stone studded clutches, for special occasions.

    I have a thing for tote bags and possess quite a few. I believe in the bigger the better when it comes to bags. I can stash all that I need into them. My bags carry the world and its wife in them!

    To me it is a matter of convenience and style.

    @Mohan – The biggest handbags labels such as YSL, Gucci, Michael Kors, Channel etc come from the house of celebrated foreign designers. These bags are priced exorbitantly high, at tens of thousands of dollars apiece. So, your assumption that handbags are a craze in India is misplaced.

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    How a male uses a money purse, the same way ladies use purses for carrying money with them during the travel or during the shopping. This is a practice to carry a small purse with them always. Nowadays the mobile phones are also to be carried. So a little bigger purses are required. Generally, ladies have to carry all the required items in the handbag only as they will not have pockets to their dresses as the gents have. A gent will have 2 or 3 pockets in which he can accommodate handkerchief. comb, pen, purse and also a cell phone. But a lady has to keep all these items in their handbags only. They are very important to them. There are many types of purses and handbags and available at a lower price also. So they will purchase as per their liking. Having a handbag or hand purse with them is a convenience only and having different handbags of different varieties is a style for the ladies. Partha has given how the handbags are evolved and my thanks to him for sharing the information.
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    I have heard that in the parties organized in Mumbai film industry and in the parties thrown by industrialists, the cost and the manufacturer of handbags carried by the ladies are two major issues of discussion. Is it so?
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    #645417 - We wouldn't know.

    However, going by how the rich and the famous conduct themselves I do not think that would be true. People rolling in money never check the price tag. So, anyone discussing the cost of a handbag would be looked down upon; it is just not acceptable in high society.

    The who's who are supposed to know the prices. If they don't, then they don't belong in that circle. It's a snooty lot!

    I know people who can identify the designer label by just looking at an item (clothing and accessories). They have expensive taste and are connoisseurs of sorts.

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